Innovation Readiness Assessment

Review your organization's innovation culture and portfolio. Identify blockers and enablers of innovation and get tailor-made recommendations.


Assess your Innovation Readiness

Innovation is hard. It requires support from leadership, access to limited organizational resources and mastery of a different set of practices. Get a detailed picture of your current innovation readiness with the Innovation Readiness Assessment.


Step 1:

Current Innovation Culture

Identify the blockers and understand the three types of enablers of a world-class innovation culture.

Leadership Support

  • Strategic guidance
  • Resource allocation
  • Portfolio management

Organizational design

  • Legitimacy and power
  • Bridge to the core
  • Rewards and incentives

Innovation Practice

  • Innovation tools
  • Process management
  • Skills development

Step 2:

Current Innovation Portfolio

Bring all stakeholders leading your current innovation programs and activities (e.g. incubator, intrapreneurship program, corporate venture capital fund, etc.) into one room and map and assess all existing projects within those programs in terms of potential (expected return) and innovation risk.

Create Outcomes

Learn how to design great enablers and eliminate blockers for innovation. Hear our recommendations based on your assessed innovation readiness. Align on high-leverage improvement actions in the short-term.


Understanding of Innovation Culture

You will get a detailed understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and current blindspots of your innovation culture.


Understanding of Innovation Portfolio

You will get a detailed mapping of your innovation portfolio.


Short-term Improvement Next Steps

You will get tailor-made recommendations on high-leverage actions to improve your innovation portfolio and culture in the short term.

Innovation Readiness Online Assessment

Take our online assessment to learn how ready your organization is for creating a repeatable and scalable innovation ecosystem. 

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