Innovation Platform

Unlock your innovation potential — with quality, at scale

The Strategyzer Innovation Platform brings together the workflows, best practices and resources that you need to produce measurable and scalable innovation results.

Innovation Leaders and managers

Swiftly scale your innovation management

The Strategyzer Innovation Platform helps you master your day-to-day operations, so that you can focus your time on what matters most.

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Rapidly deploy world-class innovation workflows, tools, and best practices

Access innovation programs that help your teams make progress and produce results faster. Take advantage of proven tools like the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas – as well as step-by-step workflows to guide your team to adopt new, more efficient ways of exploring, testing and assessing business models.

Make teams' progress, challenges and opportunities transparent

View and manage the progress of your teams and the blockers they face with dashboards powered by the data they create.

Invest wisely with evidence-based decision making

Measure and assess risks, potential revenue, and the strategic fit of emerging opportunities. Review and audit aggregated data from teams' experiments and decisions to get an accurate overview of each project’s progression.

Measure and show the value of innovation

Make evidence-based and measured decisions, that reduce risk for your organisation, and show the tangible value of innovation to your executives.

Innovation coaches

Optimize your time coaching teams. Help them produce results.

Focus on sharing your expertise and guiding teams to their next milestone, while the Strategyzer Innovation Platform streamlines and automates tedious innovation processes.

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Access resources developed and tested by industry experts

Make the most of the effective methods and resources, including adaptable templates for workflows, exercises, workshops, and skill-training.

Stay on top of your team's progress

Help your teams when they need it most. Track their progress and milestones with dynamic, visual summaries. Receive alerts when they’re blocked and deliver practical, contextual support.

Innovation TEAMS

Navigate your way from idea to real business

Use the industry-leading tools, guidance and collaborative exercises on the Strategyzer Innovation Platform to produce measurable results. Manage, develop and refine all your findings on our interactive workspaces.

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Get guidance from industry leaders

Access step-by-step guidance and resources developed by experts. Develop the skills you need to confidently design, test and de-risk your ideas.

Manage all your work in one place

Create and link your canvases, hypotheses, experiments, evidence, and insights in a secure project space. Manage your tasks, collaborate in real-time, and track progress towards guided program milestones.

Reuse and build on existing data

Share assets between projects and develop your existing data and insights further through guided activities. Save time and make progress on the unique challenges in your business models.


Implement an innovation practice that scales.

The Strategyzer Innovation Platform gives your organisation the power to systematise and upgrade your innovation capabilities. Use it to build structure and scale as you shape your innovation culture and processes.

Our Platform grows your organization’s capacity to explore ideas and measure progress at scale with clear and practical tools. Use it to invest in the innovations that have measured potential to progress.

Empower your teams to work autonomously and quickly – all in one place. Our Platform combines what they need: the guidance to align their innovation efforts with your strategy and vision, the tools and processes to do the work and the training to learn best practices and tools.

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You’re at the core of our platform development

All of our methods and tools are rigorously tested in real business environments like yours. That's why we are always improving. We are continuously testing and iterating, so we are open to your input whether this is reporting bugs or suggestions for improvements.
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Need support to get set up?

Embedding a new Innovation Platform into your organisation is no small task. If you’re not already familiar with our work, our advisors and coaches are here to guide you at any stage of the process. Who better to help you implement the tools and methods than the people who invented them?
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