Boost your skills. Supercharge your potential.

Train yourself or your team to design, test, and master innovation with our renowned tools and methods.

THE Mantra

Obsess over your customers

Go beyond products and features to increase your customer understanding. Apply our tools to design value propositions based on what matters most to customers.

Our programs are used by the world’s most ambitious businesses

the Tools

Craft clear value propositions and scalable business models

Confidently tell the story of how your products and services create value for customers and your business.

People trained
Courses taken
Team sat around a table

Build a foundation for collaboration

Get teams to effectively use our suite of visual tools, such as the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas to illustrate complex ideas and workflows. This will make it easier for all team members to understand and contribute to projects.


Useful exercises, relative case studies and actionable insights will help you drive results

Show don’t tell

We don't just tell you what to do; we show you how to do it with hands-on exercises and real-world examples.

Interactive learning

Our courses are interactive and engaging with relatable case studies and useful exercises to apply what you've learned.

Actionable insights

We offer practical guidance that you can use in real-world situations, rather than just theoretical concepts.

Bespoke Enterprise TRAINING

Explore untapped potential

Give employees, company-wide the ability to design, test and adapt value propositions that customers want – and business models that can scale.

We’ve found efficiencies in the way we do business. What does it mean to the business? It helps to understand what’s happening in the market better than all of the other indicators.”
Grady Davies
Sr. Global Marketing Director, Spines & Biologicals Division Medtronic
The Strategyzer Online Academy training is some of the most valuable innovation training available anywhere. The value I got was on par with the practical innovation skills I learned during my MBA.”
Vaughan Broderick MBA
Innovation & Strategy Coach
This training gave the team a shared goal to achieve and a structured opportunity to collaborate.”
Canon employee
Strategyzer's visual methods and training are crucial for my clients' and my own business development. No other tools have more impact. The scientific basis and years of worldwide implementation make them so powerful.”
Gerrit Woerts
tools and Processes

Build a common language

Spread new tools and processes across your organization with this innovative and scalable approach to skills development.

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