Growth Discovery Program

Plan for reinvention and growth. Design, test and adapt 10 new early-stage business ideas in only 3 months.


Start Building Foundations for Growth

Even great companies struggle to systematically create new growth initiatives. Start with Strategyzer’s Growth Discovery Program and benefit from over two decades of research and experience in the field. Learn how to reduce risk and uncertainty of early-stage business ideas. Create the environment for evidence-based investments. Pilot a new innovation culture and mindset with a cohort of intrapreneurs.

The program includes:


Proven Methodology

Our tools, processes, and methodology revolutionized innovation and entrepreneurship. Millions of business professionals worldwide use them to get results.

Our methodology is simple, practical, and scalable. It provides clear governance for leadership and teams. Use it to build your innovation portfolio.


Growth Infrastructure

We believe in technology-enabled services that leverage the best of human creativity.

Our Software Platform enables teams to design, test, and track project progress. The leadership dashboard offers leadership a portfolio overview.

Our Cloud Academy builds your team’s skills and capability.


Program Management

An experienced Program Director provides innovation ecosystem design and implementation expertise.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) onboards and supports your team members.


Best-in-class Coaching

We coach your leadership on innovation management, culture, and ecosystem design.

We coach your innovation leads to manage the process and support teams.

We coach your teams from unproven idea to evidence backed business opportunity.

Getting Started with Your Growth Portfolio

The Strategyzer Growth Discovery Program is the first of three phases of your innovation process: Discover, Validate, Accelerate.

Discover promising ideas by investing a little across many small teams. Start with a cohort of up to 10 small teams and 10 ideas. Map the business models and value propositions. Then make the underlying risks explicit, test hypotheses, and course correct rapidly. Adapt the ideas over 8 weeks of testing.

At the end of the Program, only increase investments in projects that produce evidence and shelve those that don’t.


Produce Outcomes

Evidence-based Discovery in place

With Strategyzer Growth Discovery Program, leaders and corporate innovation teams will establish an evidence-based Discovery process to:

  • Feed an innovation funnel with multiple early stage ideas (up to 10 per cohort),
  • Assess and compare those ideas systematically based on Strategyzer Innovation Metrics,
  • Allow the most promising ideas with the best risk profile to emerge, and systematically retire ideas that don’t deliver,
  • Invest only in the most promising ideas based on evidence – not opinion – at the end of the program.

Skills development

Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the language, tools and mindset required for entrepreneur- ship and innovation.
  • Shape and adapt a business idea with design thinking and not fall in love with their first ideas.
  • Systematically and rigorously test an idea in the field; identify critical hypotheses, select the right experiment, and gather evidence and insights.
  • Decide on next steps; shelve, pivot or persevere.
  • Present evidence-backed data to leadership and/or investors to access further funding.

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Manage an innovation portfolio,
  • Measure progress of innovation projects.
  • Use evidence to make investment decisions in the innovation portfolio.

How to build a world-class Corporate Innovation Ecosystem

Corporate innovators are invited to join our team of experts for this 1-hour webinar where we will share all the best practices on how to structure a repeatable process and create the exploration culture to design and test new business ideas. Register today to learn how to build a World-Class Corporate Innovation Ecosystem.

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