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High-Impact Tools for Teams

High-Impact Tools for teams explains how to use a visual tool to align around common goals, gain team buy-in, build trust, reduce risks and deliver concrete results.


Pure agility for your teams

Simple and powerful - TAM

Simple and Powerful

Learn how to integrate planning and risk management visually.
Build trust - TAM

Build Trust

Learn how to build more psychological safety with 4 trust add-ons.
Effective Meetings - TAM

Productive Meetings

Learn how to structure meetings, focus the team on what matters and save valuable time.

About the book

An aligned team can complete a task up to 12 times faster than a misaligned team, without errors.
This book presents the Team Alignment Map, a tool designed to help accelerate alignment in teams and get results faster. Boost shared understanding, increase team buy-in, clarify who does what and overcome obstacles while spending less time in unproductive meetings.
This hands-on book contains several practical examples from different industries and company sizes that help apply the Team Alignment Map effectively in meetings, in projects and organizations.
It also presents 4 other essential tools that integrate with the Team Alignment Map to build trust and increase psychological safety.



Table of Contents

PART I. DISCOVER THE TEAM ALIGNMENT MAP :  What is the Team Alignment Map and how it works.

Chapter 1 - The 4 Pillars of the Team Alignment Map:  How to describe joint objectives, team member commitments, required resources, and risks.

Chapter 2 - Planning “Who Does What” with the Team Alignment Map (Planning Mode):  Start with a forward pass (the plan), then make a backward pass (to lower any risks).

Chapter 3 - Keeping Team Members on Track (Assessment Mode):  Use the Team Alignment Map to measure progress and address on-going problems.

PART II. APPLY THE TEAM ALIGNMENT MAP:  How to use the Team Alignment Map for more successful meetings, projects, and organizational alignment.

Chapter 4 - Use the Team Alignment Map In Meetings:  The Team Alignment Map for more focused, structured and productive meetings.

Chapter 5 - Use the Team Alignment Map In Projects:  The Team Alignment Map for projects:  how to lower risk and have less execution problems.

Chapter 6 - Use the Team Alignment Map for Organizational Alignment:  The Team Alignment Map for organizations: getting alignment between leaders, teams, and departments to break down internal silos.

PART III. - TRUST AMONG TEAM MEMBERS: THE KEY TO PEAK PERFORMANCE WITH THE TEAM ALIGNMENT MAP:  4 tools to foster a “high trust” climate and an increased psychological safety

  1. Circle of Expectations  – define how we work together
  2. Language Compass – ask good questions for improving team communications
  3. Politeness Card  – demonstrate respect and recognition by practicing basic politeness rules
  4. Nonviolent Communication  – address latent conflicts through nonviolent communication
Team Alignment Map

Download the Canvas

The Team Alignment Map is available for you to download as a PDF file. Use the tool to help get your teams aligned today.

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This book is written for...



Engage everyone from the start. Turn ideas into concrete outcomes. Increased agility. 


Project Managers

Reduce project risks. Hold productive meetings. Know who does what.


Corporate Teams

Create powerful alignment. Foster positive conflict and creativity. Build trust. Contribute to a shared mission.

The Book Team


Stefano Mastrogiacomo

Stefano is a project management professional and academic with 20+ years of field experience and research. He's the designer of the Team Alignment Map.

Alex Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder

Dr. Alexander Osterwalder is the lead author of the international bestseller Business Model Generation, passionate entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Alan is obsessed with design, business, and the ways we do them. He cofounded Strategyzer, helping business people make stuff that customers actually want.

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