Mastering Business Testing

An online course that teaches you a systematic process to test new business ideas from discovery to validation.

  • Discover a clear and practical way to test business ideas
  • Create a shared language for testing in your organization
  • Systematically de-risk new business ideas
  • Avoid the risk of costly failures
  • Pairs with the Business Model and Value Proposition Canvases
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Proven methodology introduced in our latest Strategyzer series book Testing Business Ideas
Video learning - exercises - case studies
20 engaging exercises & practical case studies, 13 downloads, 3+ hours of video learning, in 9 lessons on 7 essential topics.
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Why is business testing important? – Upgrade your mindset

7 out of 10 business ideas fail because we build things nobody is interested in. In the process we waste huge amounts of money and time. Upgrade your mindset from executing business plans to de-risking business ideas. 

What is business testing? - Learn the testing process 

Maybe you’ve heard of testing before but you don’t know where to start. In this chapter you learn the core concepts, steps and language you need to begin testing with your team.

What are the biggest risks to your idea? - Identify and prioritize hypotheses 

You know your idea has potential but at the beginning it’s really just a set of guesses. Ask yourself, what needs to be true for your idea to work and capture these as testable hypotheses. By getting your hypothesis right, you will set yourself up for testing success. 

How do I address the risks? - Design strong experiments

Many of us are unfamiliar with running business experiments. As a result, we often choose the wrong experiment, or design it in a way that produces misleading results. Learn how to select the right experiment, for the budget you have, and the type of hypothesis you’re testing. 

How do I make sense of the data I collected? - Collect evidence and generate insights 

Once you’ve run an experiment you might feel overwhelmed by the data that comes back. We’ll show you how to capture the evidence in an efficient manner as you collect it, and how to draw useful insights from a mix of qualitative and quantitative data.  

When have I learned enough to decide whether I’m right or wrong? - Take appropriate actions based on evidence

Is there enough evidence? Is the evidence strong enough? Is the evidence suggesting a change in the design of my business idea, or can I address the next risk? Learn when to take the appropriate action: collect more evidence, move to the next important hypothesis, pivot or kill your idea. 

How do we manage and measure our progress? - Use the Progress Board 

Imagine you have several team members, working on multiple hypotheses, collecting various types of data - it can quickly get very messy. Use the Progress Board to track who’s doing what, and the Innovation Scorecard to quantify how much risk you’ve reduced. 

How can we share our learnings with stakeholders? - Confidently present the evidence 

There will be times when you need to report to leadership and decision makers, pitch to an investor, or get advice from a mentor. Use the pitch template to tell a story about what you’ve learned and suggest a path forward for your idea.

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Course Syllabus

Here's what you will learn

Module 1
Introduction to Testing
  • Upgrade your mindset from executing business plans to de-risking business ideas 
  • Become familiar with a systematic testing process
  • Discover the importance of testing systematically, whether in startups or established organizations
Module 2
  • Ask yourself, what needs to be true for your business idea to work and capture them as testable hypotheses? 
  • Prioritize and refine hypotheses, and set yourself up for testing success
Module 3
  • Choose the right experiment, for the budget you have, and the type of hypothesis you're testing 
  • Design experiments that produce strong evidence
Module 4
  • Capture evidence in an efficient manner as you collect it
  • Draw useful insights from a mix of qualitative and quantitative data
Module 5
Take Action
  • Apply four types of action to progress your business idea: collect more evidence, move to the next important hypothesis, pivot or kill your idea.
Module 6
  • Use the Progress Board to track who's doing what
  • Use the Innovation Scorecard to quantify how much risk you've reduced
Module 7
  • Use the pitch template to tell a story about what you’ve learned and suggest a path forward for your idea

Go beyond the book

We've found a more effective way to turn you into a master of the testing process. Whether you've read the book or not, you'll get more with the course.


More Skills

While books do an amazing job with sharing and spreading ideas, this course is designed to help you master the skill set and become a real practitioner.

More Media

Our course caters to more learning styles with videos, case studies, downloadable templates, checklists, and tools.

More Convenient

Viewable on all devices, you can learn at your own pace anywhere you’ve got an internet connection – which is pretty much everywhere. No lugging around heavy books, or having to fly to our workshops.

More Content

More case studies, more examples, and more actionable exercises will help you go further and deeper into mastering the tools.

More Concise

After years of teaching this content, we’ve distilled it to the essence. Each lesson is designed to be extremely practical, visual, and concise – so you don’t have to spend weeks online learning the content.

Online course enterprise

Product managers

Create evidence-based roadmaps, engage your team, and reduce wasted effort. 

Sales & marketing teams

Collaborate with product teams to test interest, price sensitivity and packaging of new ideas, and identify channels and messages that work.  


Understand the future viability of your business idea, and communicate your ideas clearly through evidence to turn your side hustle into a business.

Innovation teams

Explore opportunities, run a transparent testing process, and communicate evidence and progress to stakeholders.


Give your team a shared language, help them move beyond focus groups, interviews and surveys, and make your investment decisions based on evidence.

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Created by world renowned experts in testing

Only with this course can you learn the authentic methods practiced and taught by Strategyzer, straight from the source.

Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki is an author and corporate innovation expert. He helps companies innovate for the future while managing their core business. He has written two books; The Corporate Startup and The Lean Product Lifecycle.

He previously served as Director of Product Lifecycle at Pearson, where he co-developed an innovation framework that won the Best Innovation Program 2015 at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards in New York. Tendayi has been shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Innovation Award and was named on the Thinkers50 2018 Radar List for emerging management thinkers to watch.

Dr. Alex Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, speaker and business model innovator. In 2015 Alex won the strategy award by Thinkers50 Strategy Award, called the “Oscars of Management Thinking” by the FT, and ranks #15 among the leading business thinkers of the world. In 2013 he won the inaugural Innovation Luminary Award by the European Union.

Alex invented the Business Model Canvas, a strategic management tool to visualize, challenge and (re-) invent business models. Leading organizations and start-ups around the world use it. He is a frequent keynote speaker at Fortune 500 companies and has held guest lectures in top universities around the world, including Wharton, Stanford, Berkeley, IESE, MIT, KAUST and IMD.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a timeline to finish the course?

You will have 1 year of access to the course materials from the date and time of purchase of the course. As we update the course with newer content and videos, you will continue to have access until the year expires. After 1 year you can renew the course at a small fee.

How often will you update the course?

The course you are about to purchase is a 1st edition and we plan to update the course with more content, videos and a fresh design. You will receive an email that will notify you of the changes to the course. Changes to the course may impact your course progress. The exact release date of the 2nd edition is to be confirmed, but likely in Q2 2020. Once that update is complete, the license price will increase to USD $599.99. This will not impact users who purchased the course at the price of USD $499.99 from the 1st edition. 

What is the content of the final course?

The course outline remains the same. We are updating the course with a fresh design, new videos from thought leaders like Steve Blank and Tendayi Viki, and more case studies.

Can I access Cloud Academy on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can. Cloud Academy works on most mobile devices.

How is this course different from the book Testing Business Ideas? 

Mastering Business Testing is complementary to Strategyzer’s newest book “Testing Business Ideas”, co-authored by David J. Bland & Alex Osterwalder. The online course covers the chapter TESTING with a focus on the systematic testing process that takes users through the four steps of testing: hypothesize, experiment, learn, and decide. 

In 2020, we will also release an online Experiment Library, which covers the chapter EXPERIMENTS with a focus on how to select, plan, conduct and analyze various Discovery & Validation experiments.

Do I receive a certificate or accreditation after completing the course?

Yes, you’ll get a Strategyzer certificate of completion when you finish the course.

Can I download the course for future reference?

We provide a select portion of the course and class materials to download for future reference. These resources include tools, templates and tip sheets. Our videos are only available to access during the stated access period and when you are logged into the course.