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Testing Business Ideas Innovation and Business Strategy Book by David Bland

Download Testing Tools

The Test Card

The Test Card

Plan out the testing of your business ideas, accounting for variables like importance, cost, reliability, and time required with this powerful tool.


Learning Card

Learning Card

Learn from the experiments you conducted using the Test Card by critically assessing your tests and drawing conclusions from them.


The Progress Board

The Progress Board

A visual way to track the progress of your hypotheses, experiments and evidence manually to minimize the risks of your business idea.


Testing Your Business Model - A Reference Guide

Business Model Testing

A reference guide that covers a number of testing techniques that you can apply during the search and design phase of your business ideas.


Free Webinars

Testing Business Ideas with David Bland

55 min

David Bland explains how systematically testing business ideas can dramatically reduce the risk and increase the likelihood of success of any new venture or business project. David also gives practica... Read More >

juillet 3, 2019

Alexander Osterwalder
David Bland

Alexander Osterwalder, David Bland

The Basics of Testing Business Ideas

1 hr

Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder shares some crucial basics to testing. This session includes important elements like how to select the best hypothesis, how to design experiments, how to run th... Read More >

juin 4, 2018

Alexander Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder

The Testing Process

Online Course

1. Extract hypotheses

Design your business model or value proposition then determine what needs to be true for your idea to work

2. Design experiments

Test your most critical hypotheses with well thought-out experiments

3. Collect evidence

Go out to the real world and talk to potential customers

4. Generate insights

Study your evidence to see whether it validates or invalidates your hypotheses

5. Take action

Make informed decisions to move your idea forward: pivot, persevere or abandon


Mastering Business Testing

A self-paced online course that teaches you how to reduce risk and uncertainty of new business ideas through the 5 steps of the Testing Process.

  • Apply a clear and practical methodology for testing business ideas
  • Build your team’s experimentation skills at scale
  • Learn to design experiments that produce strong evidence
  • Create a shared language around testing and innovation in your organization

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Capture and Manage Experiments


Reduce the risk of crushing failures

Felt the pain of building something that flopped? Utilize Lean Startup principles to validate your assumption with our beautifully practical Testing Dashboard, and workflow. You will flag unproven hypotheses, design experiments to de-risk them, delegate their execution, and collect evidence. When the results are clear, you will share key insights, and adjust your model. Repeat this "learning loop" to succeed!


Discover the Strategyzer Software

Rapidly sketch and analyze Business Models to identify their potential with the official web-app from the makers of Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design and Testing Business Ideas.