Take control of your innovation

Equip your coaching team with Strategyzer-level skills and contextual support to deliver innovation results in-house. Connect them to a global peer network for shared learning and problem-solving.

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Practical Coach Training SELf-PACED COURSE

Everything you need to know to deliver the Strategyzer programs

Become fluent in the process

This course is designed to teach the theory and the practical steps of the program, so you can coach your team through the hoops of the process confidently.

Understand how to leverage the program

We also teach you how to make 
the most of the capabilities of the software. So you can utilize the workspaces to do much more than whiteboarding and use data to augment your work.

All of your resources in one place

All the resources, from PDFs to slide decks, guides, and all the documents you need to coach teams are collected in the course resource library for easy access.


All rounded Strategyzer support to help you unblock your innovation challenges

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Get inspired through conversations with the expert innovators

Join regular presentations and ask-me-anything sessions with thought leaders like Alex Osterwalder, Tendayi Viki, David Bland, Stefano Mastrogiacomo, Steve Blank, and others.

Access pioneering innovation tools and processes

Be the first to access our latest, tools, process, and thinking. Get our latest innovation insights based on our work with leading companies around the world.

Harness the power 
of connections with peers

Share challenges, ideas, solutions, and build relationships. Expand your innovation network.

Upgrade your coaching skills

Join specific skills development sessions on a diverse range of innovation and coaching topics delivered by experts in the field who share their best practices.

Receive in-flight 
coach support

Our dedicated program license success team is at hand to help 
you solve immediate challenges and access the right Strategyzer resources.

Innovate autonomously, with Strategyzer’s support

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The support provided to coaches is of utmost importance, and I can vouch for its value based 
on my own experience. It's not just about the software; it's the entire ecosystem, including learning resources, tools, and books, that makes 
a world of difference.”
Alvinesh Jugun
Innovation Manager, IBL Together