From idea to business with data insights

Teams produce measurable results guided by our industry-leading tools and methods. Collaborate, shape and test your business models with data insights.

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Shape ideas

Sketch out value propositions and business models with lightning speed and clarity. Use our famous tools and canvasses. Develop the skills you need to confidently design and de-risk your ideas.

Test the riskiest parts of your idea

Extract hypotheses, design experiments, record evidence, and gain insights. Measure if you’re gaining cofidence with Strategyzer metrics.

Create value for customers

Iterate based on consumer insights and create value for your customers with a scalable business model. Draw on our library of business models to improve your business design.

See clearly how to strengthen your idea

Visual feedback informed by your data, allows you to see which parts of your business model are strongest and where you should focus your testing efforts, or pivot to de-risk your idea further.

Shine with evidence based presentations

Teams synthesize their insights from testing in presentations that recommend continuing, iterating 
or shelving business ideas.

Back high-potential ideas

Leaders, only invest in ideas with demonstrated potential. Feel confident knowing that ideas have gone through a solid process that limits risk and ensures returns.

Scale your innovation efforts easily with our off-the-shelf solution

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Deliver your innovation projects 
the Strategyzer way

Take Strategyzer's expertise in-house with practical programs. These hands-on programs provide goal-driven learning and structured guidance to deliver your innovation projects.

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Our results speak for themselves: after the program, we produced and shared the executive review with our leadership. This structured report helped us share the most important metrics to demonstrate the value of our work, and gain stakeholder buy-in.”
Alvinesh Jugun
Innovation Manager, IBL Together