Learn the skills, processes and tools needed for designing and running world-class business experiments.

This unique online learning experience will shift your mindset, grow your skillset, and help you drive meaningful change in your organization. Taught by the authors of Testing Business Ideas.

Learn Online, Better


Highly Active, Hands-On Simulations

Not just theory, you’ll go through real-world simulations and sharpen skills you can demonstrate back at work.


Real-World Examples of all Sizes

See how companies from Fortune 100 to fast growing SME’s have implemented our proven methodology.


Network and Learn With Other Innovators

Meet like-minded professionals, expand your network and join the community of over 5 million people who use Strategyzer tools.

Course Overview


Learn how to reduce the risk of costly failure through a systematic testing process


Get foundational training to make testing a repeatable process in your organization: team design, stakeholder communication, experiment flow, and measuring progress


Discover how to identify the right experiment for your riskiest hypotheses from a library of 44 Desirability, Viability and Feasibility experiments


Learn how to start with small bets and increase spending on your journey from discovery to validated business idea.

Understand how to design experiments that produce the market feedback you need to learn whether your idea works or not.

Upcoming Masterclasses

May 10, 2022 - May 12, 2022

9:30 - 13:30 EDT // 15:30 - 19:30 CEST Offered in English
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Train With Your Team

After running hundreds of Masterclasses and workshops we’ve seen what it takes for companies to see results.

The most successful implementations often start with a team. Even 3-5 teammates learning together can create a common language and momentum internally. Often we see these companies send more and more employees masterclass after masterclass.

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Who Attends

Busy full-time professionals who want to level-up their own innovation skills and drive change within their organizations. It’s your chance to go deeper than the books and learn directly from the authors, thought leaders and leading practitioners in the field.

Corporate Innovators Testimonial

Testing means nothing if you do not use the learnings and insights to make better decisions better than going with your guts: go out and test what you think is right (and be open to being wrong).

Monica Melanio
Xing Events, Product Owner, Germany


The emphasis on driving toward evidence and the practical ways to evaluate the strength of that evidence were invaluable.

Jonathan Boehman
Home Instead Inc, Director of Innovation, United States


There were so many learning during the Masterclass but I think my biggest learning was about assessing the confidence we can have about an idea based on the strength of evidence of the experiments performed and how we can increase confidence by running several experiments for the same hypothesis.

Rogerio Canales
UNAM, Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Mexico

We do virtual differently.

Our Virtual Masterclasses are an experience, not just a Zoom call and slides. Our coaches have been delivering virtual workshops and training for years.

We put tools in your hands

We are the source

While hundreds of companies have built their businesses by teaching our tools and methodologies - nothing can compare to the real thing. Connect directly with the creators of the global standard in strategic innovation tools like the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas, and authors of 5 best-selling business books in over 40 languages worldwide.

We put tools in your hands.

Training can be boring, entertaining, or just make you sound smart. Our focus is applicability. What can you do when you get back to work to get 10x results and make your time worth it.


Funding Resources

Over 60% of past participants have been reimbursed for their Masterclass ticket. While we can’t guarantee it, many companies provide employees reimbursement through a budget for continued learning. We have created an email template you can use to share the idea and get buy in from your manager.

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Masterclass Agenda

Day 1:

Designing world-class experiments

Part I
  • Assumptions Mapping
  • Discover a library of 44 experiments
  • Pick the right experiment at the right time
Part II
  • Designing & running a discovery experiment
  • Sophisticated interviewing techniques & pitfalls
Informal Q&A (Optional)
  • Presenters will answer questions from the day
Networking Session (Optional)
  • Networking session for all participants to get to know each other

Day 2:

Designing Experiment Sequences

Part III
  • Live prototyping with templates
  • Designing experiment sequences
Part IV
  • Making Data influenced decisions
Informal Q&A (Optional)
  • Presenters will answer questions from the day
After-hours Session (Optional)

Day 3:

Managing the Testing Process

Part V
  • Teams and ceremonies
  • Creating a culture of experimentation
Part VI
  • Applying innovation metrics to reduce risk
  • Portfolio management & funding

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