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Learn the methods to reduce the risk of new business ideas, and increase the likelihood of success for any new venture or business project.

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Day 1: Testing Products & Services

  • Design a product or service that addresses the customer’s jobs, pains and gains, using the Value Proposition Canvas
  • Identify Desirability hypotheses underlying your idea 
  • Prioritize what hypothesis you will test first
  • Design a Desirability experiment to test your most important hypothesis
  • Learn how to make experiments stronger
  • Build the artefact to run your experiment 
  • Get out of the building and test your hypothesis with real people
  • Come back and share your learnings
  • Use affinity mapping to sort your evidence and identify themes
  • Decide which experiment to run next

Day 2: Testing a Business Model

  • Identify and prioritize your business idea’s underlying Feasibility and Viability hypotheses 
  • Create a low-fi prototype to test your business idea 
  • Experience a live prototyping session for a selection of Feasibility and Viability experiments
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Day 2: Managing the Process

  • Team design, behavior and environment 
  • Experiment ceremonies 
  • Experiment sequences for B2B, B2C and B2B2C
  • Principles of experiment flow
  • Track your progress with the Innovation Project Scorecard 

What You’ll Get

You’ll acquire the tools and processes needed to reduce the risk & uncertainty of new ideas: 

  • Reduce the risk of costly failure through a systematic testing process 
  • Make testing a repeatable process in your organization: team design, stakeholder communication, experiment flow, and measuring progress 
  • Identify the right experiment for your riskiest hypotheses from a library of Desirability, Viability and Feasibility experiments
  • How to start with small bets and increase spending on your journey from discovery to validated business idea
  • Design experiments that produce the market feedback you need to learn whether your idea works or not

Who should attend

From Idea To First Validation


Understand the future viability of your business idea. Use your time efficiently to engage in the right experiments. Communicate your ideas clearly through evidence to turn your side hustle into a business.


Corporate Teams

Clarify the testing process.  Build your innovation practice. Communicate evidence and progress to stakeholders. Find the right experiment for the next big risk.



Identify the biggest risks to your business. Reduce risk by generating concrete evidence. Communicate evidence and align with co-founders or other stakeholders. Place small bets to grow your business on the right path to scale.

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Scheduled Masterclasses

September 21-23 2021


Alexander Osterwalder
David Bland

Alexander Osterwalder, David Bland

May 10-12 2022


David Bland

David Bland

Potential Masterclasses*

Spring 2021

Tendayi Viki
David Bland

Tendayi Viki, David Bland

Spring 2021

Tendayi Viki
David Bland

Tendayi Viki, David Bland, Franziska Beeler

Spring 2021

Tendayi Viki
David Bland

Tendayi Viki, David Bland, Franziska Beeler

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