Business Portfolio Map

The Business Portfolio Map also called "Business Model Portfolio" visualises all of your existing businesses, as well as all of your new growth initiatives. This overall view shows you if your company is prone to disruption, at risk, or if you are prepared for the future.


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How to use the Business Portfolio Map



Evaluate your present business model portfolio by analysing current and future business contribution (profitability & potential of new ideas) and risk (disruption risk & validation of new ideas).



Define objectives, allocate resources and design your desired future business model In other words, define actions in the Execution Engine (increasing returns / reducing disruption risk) and the Innovation Engine (allocating resources for new ideas and testing).



Implement your innovation strategy and transform your portfolio with three type of actions. 1. Acquire or transfer businesses from the innovation 2. Move businesses from the bottom left towards the top right 3. Eliminate businesses can be divested or spun

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