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Outcome oriented programs designed by us, package the training, guidance, and activities you need to innovate. So you can run your innovation autonomously and produce quality results — the Strategyzer way.

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We’ve packaged our decades of experience into ready-to-use workflows that deliver innovation results.

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Deliver tangible innovation results

Go beyond innovation theatre and make progress from shaping your idea towards investment-worthy project.

Access the latest innovation knowledge

Draw on our decades of innovation experience with our e-learning content, workshop slides, and tested leadership communications.

Structure work with proven workflows

Teams discover innovation methods, workshop ideas, and engage in collaborative innovation activities, through a structured and proven workflows.

Easily visualise progress with reports

Get reports to track team activities and team progress from idea to results.

Shine with evidence based presentations

Teams synthesize their insights from testing in presentations that recommend continuing, iterating 
or shelving business ideas.

Speed-up experimentation

Get access to experiment library to create structured experiments and speed-up the experiment design.

It's been incredibly cost efficient for us. The way that things work, the amount of resources we get, the support we have with experienced coaches... It's made it very doable for us to have a sustainable program in place.”
Ankita Deshpande
Head of Digital Health and Experience Innovation, 
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Discovery program

Kickstart your innovation

Deepen your customer understanding and build a desirable value proposition and business model supported by first evidence.

Validation program

Advance ideas with potential

Shape a strong business model with evidence based financials that validates the product market fit, profitability and potential for scaling.

Acceleration program

Select new engines of growth

Prototype your business idea and prove your business model at limited scale