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August Cohort
August 26-28, 2024

September Cohort
September 30-October 2, 2024

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Join the new Strategyzer Lightning Sprint! Experience Strategyzer’s world-class innovation sprints in a condensed format. For the first time ever, we are organising an open program for innovative teams from around the world to work on their new business ideas in under a week.

6 out of 10 ideas fail in the real world because teams start by building something rather than testing a market need first (customer jobs, pains, gains). With our Strategyzer Sprints we reduce this failure rate substantially. We developed the Lightning Sprint to give you your first steps in testing and to experience our Strategyzer Sprint Programs.

What to expect

Experience how innovation works in just 3 days. Our Lightning Sprint offers a condensed version of the most important aspects of a world-class innovation process. You will:

  • Shape your idea in a half-day workshop with The Business Model and Value Proposition Canvas (real-time remote workshop facilitated by Alex Osterwalder).

  • Start testing your concept with guided Customer Profile interviews over two days (autonomous teamwork).

  • Synthesize your findings into a compelling evidence-based presentation in a half-day workshop (real-time remote workshop facilitated by Alex Osterwalder).

We conclude with actionable insights and a clear path forward. You will be able to present your first evidence-based insights to your leadership.

Your takeaways

  • Understand the principles of an innovation sprint. Learn our proven methodologies and tools.
  • Gather first market insights about your idea. Get quick customer insights to inform your next steps.
  • Access our powerful tools. Learn how our Strategyzer programs and platform work and enjoy a full year of access.

What you need to bring

  • A promising idea. Since this is a condensed version of an innovation sprint, we will skip the ideation phase. You should come with an idea that may be based on a market opportunity, technology, or a new product you want to bring to market.
  • A plan of potential customers you could interview. We recommend scheduling a few preliminary interviews if you are in a market where finding prospects to interview within a day is challenging. During the three days, you will immediately talk to potential customers.
  • Willingness to share. Be prepared to contribute your insights and learn from others in the program.

Important note

This is a condensed version of an innovation sprint. The objective is to experience how state-of-the-art innovation works, not to fully de-risk an idea — which is not possible in three days. That means we won’t be able to dive as deep as we usually would in a full multi-week sprint. 

  • You will experience the tools but will need more time to master them.
  • You will shape your ideas but will need more time to refine them.
  • You will start testing your idea but will need more time to validate it. 

Our focus is to offer you an opportunity to experience a condensed version of our innovation process firsthand. 

Join the Strategyzer Lightning Sprint Cohorts!

August Cohort: August 26-28, 2024
September Cohort:
September 30-October 2, 2024

Get testing and learn what innovation is about

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