Maximize your corporate innovation efforts with the...

Innovation Readiness Program

Diagnose and identify solutions to your innovation problems.

Innovation Readiness Program

Does your organization struggle with…

  • Creating predictable ROI from growth initiatives?
  • Exploring and testing new ideas without over-investing?
  • Managing an ecosystem for finding new growth?

Talk to an Innovation Expert

Improve Your Innovation Outcomes

Learn how to design great innovation enablers and eliminate blockers. Get specific recommendations tailored to your assessed innovation readiness drawn from two decades of research and experience in the field. Align your team on high-leverage improvement actions in the short-term.


Step 1:

Portfolio Review

Assess your innovation portfolio. Where do your innovation projects sit on a spectrum from efficiency innovation, sustaining innovation and transformative innovation? What can you do to improve the balance of your portfolio?


Step 2:

Program Mapping

Assess whether your innovation programs are creating new value for your company, develop new capabilities within your organisation or both. How can you avoid innovation theatre and run programs that have impact?


Step 3:

Cultural Readiness

Assess your innovation culture in terms of leadership support, organization design and innovation practice. Are these enabling or blocking your innovation efforts? How to reduce the blockers and accentuate the enablers?

Just a few of the enterprises practicing our methods

Client Case Study: The Innovation Journey with Bayer

Hear direct from Bayer’s Corporate Innovation team about the key actions that transformed the ROI of their innovation ecosystem. First, a mindset shift embracing portfolio approach to investing in new ideas. Second, how they performed rapid-experimentation despite of being in a heavily regulated environment. Third, the obstacles they faced and the measures they took to overcome these.

Take this opportunity to learn the practical experience of an industry leading team that has worked relentlessly on bringing business model innovation to a global enterprise with a little help from our team at Strategyzer.

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