Leadership Awareness Program

Understand world-class innovation management and culture.


Successful Innovation = (R&D) + Business R&D + Execution

Because innovation is such a young, emerging profession, some misconceptions persist that, unfortunately, prevent leaders from investing in innovation the right way. Avoid costly mistakes with the Leadership Awareness Program by better understanding innovation.

Misconception Reality
Innovation = new technologies and R&D Technology may or may not play a role in a particular innovation
Innovation = find the perfect idea Good ideas are easy
Innovation = build products (and services) customers love Products, services, and value propositions customers care about are a pillar of innovation, yet insufficient on their own
Innovation = creative genius that can’t be learned Innovation is not black magic that depends on creative genius
Innovation = business and strategy as usual Most organizations have done traditional R&D for decades. Business R&D is needed


Understand world-class Innovation Portfolio Management

Research shows that while 84% of executives think innovation is key to their growth strategy only 6% of those executives are satisfied with their organisation’s innovation performance. Even great companies struggle to systematically create new growth initiatives. Expand your leadership team’s growth capability by showing leaders how they could strategically guide, diversify, measure, and act upon a portfolio of new business ideas.


Provide Strategic Guidance

Provide strategic portfolio guidance to make clear what type of projects, innovations, improvements, and port- folio actions are in or out.

Diversify your Risks

Create an innovation funnel, spread bets to minimize innovation risk. Let the best projects and teams emerge. Incrementally invest in teams with evidence.

Measure what matters

Systematically measure and visualize innovation risk of new business opportunities. Understand how fit your portfolio is for the future.

Make decisions

Use the full range of portfolio actions to optimize your portfolio. Grow businesses in-house, make acquisitions.

Build a world-class Innovation Culture

Too many companies let culture just happen. With our Leadership Awareness Program leaders will understand what it takes to create a world-class innovation culture. Learn how to design great enablers and eliminate blockers in each one of those three areas:

Leadership Support

  • Strategic guidance
  • Resource allocation
  • Portfolio management

Organizational design

  • Legitimacy and power
  • Bridge to the core
  • Rewards and incentives

Innovation Practice

  • Innovation tools
  • Process management
  • Skills development

Create Outcomes

In half-a-day to a day, the Leadership Awareness Program will expand your leadership team’s growth capability.

Your leaders will understand the requirements for World Class Innovation, including how to:

  • Improve their organization’s innovation readiness
  • Manage an innovation portfolio
  • Shape a world-class innovation culture
  • Measure progress of innovation projects
  • Use evidence to make investment decisions in an innovation portfolio
Create Outcomes

Innovation Readiness Online Assessment

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