Innovation Sprint

Build your ability to design a bold new value proposition and business model. Systematically reduce risk and uncertainty of a new growth idea.


Design and de-risk a new Business Model

Research shows that while 84% of executives think innovation is key to their growth strategy only 6% of those executives are satisfied with their organisation’s innovation performance. 7 out of 10 new products and services fail to deliver on expectations. With Strategyzer Innovation Sprint, build on our business model design expertise and our extensive library of business model patterns to design a value proposition customers want embedded in a sustainable business model. Use our testing process and our library of experiments to de-risk your business idea. Measure the innovation risk and expected return. Make an evidence-based investment.


Proven Methodology

Our tools, processes, and methodology revolutionized innovation and entrepreneurship. Millions of business professionals worldwide use them to get results.

Our methodology helps to develop new value propositions and business models. It also helps established companies shift from an outdated to a more competitive business model.

Growth Infrastructure

We believe in technology-enabled services that leverage the best of human creativity.

Our Software Platform enables the team to design, test, and track project progress. The leadership dash- board offers leadership an overview of the team’s progress.

Our Cloud Academy builds your team’s skills and capability.

Program Management

Our experience in managing innovation projects guarantees your team can focus on the design and testing of their idea, and not on project logistics.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) onboards and sup- ports your team members throughout the innovation sprint.

Best-in-class Coaching

We coach your team from an unproven idea to evidence-backed business opportunity.

We coach your innovation leads to manage the process and support the team.

We coach your leadership on innovation management and investment.

Get an innovation team ready for the next phase

The “typical” innovation process has three phases. The innovation sprint will get a team ready for the next phase. For example, a team in validation will complete its innovation sprint with a pitch requiring further investment and approval to go to the acceleration phase.



2-3 months

For a team who starts from a new untested idea an 8-week sprint helps the team map the business model and value proposition. Then make the underlying risks explicit, test hypotheses, and course correct rapidly. Adapt the idea over 8 weeks until it looks promising.


3-4 months

For a team who has previously shaped their idea and done early testing, a 12-week sprint helps the team drastically reduce the risk of a business idea that won’t deliver on expectations. In that time they per- form willingness to pay and pricing experiments. Prepare their idea for further investment.


5-6 months

For a team who has already made progress validating their idea, the sprint can last up to 24 weeks to enable more time-consuming experiments. Further intensify testing with strong Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). Gather evidence that you can acquire and retain customers. Prepare for scaling and further investments.

Objectives Customer understanding, context, and willingness to pay Proven interest and indications of profitability Proven model at limited scale
Time per Team Member 20–40% 40–80% 100%
  • Market size
  • Customer evidence
  • Problem/solution fit
  • Opportunity size
  • Value proposition evidence
  • Financial evidence
  • Feasibility evidence
  • Product/market fit
  • Acquisition and retention evidence
  • Business model fit
Experiment Themes Phases Chart Discovery Phases Chart Validation Phases Chart Acceleration


Phases Legend

Produce Outcomes

Tested value proposition and business model

Tested value proposition and business model

At the end of the Innovation Sprint the team will have designed and tested a bold new value proposition and business model supported by evidence.

Evidence-based Investment Decision

Evidence-based Investment Decision

At the end of the Innovation Sprint leaders will be able to make the next investment decision based on evidence from testing.

Skills development

Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the language, tools and mindset required for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Shape and adapt a business idea with design thinking and not fall in love with their first ideas.
  • Systematically and rigorously test an idea in the field; identify critical hypotheses, select the right experiment, gather evidence and insights.
  • Decide on next steps: shelve, pivot or persevere.
  • Present evidence-backed data to leadership and/or investors to access further funding.

Leaders will learn how to:

  • Measure progress of innovation projects.
  • Use evidence to make investment decisions in the innovation portfolio.

Score your innovation project

Use the Project Scorecard to quickly assess the strategic fit, opportunity size and risk reduction achieved by your innovation project.

Project Scorecard