Strategyzer Facilitated Cloud Academy

Empower your teams to create better value propositions and business models. Strategyzer’s Facilitated Cloud Academy offers 2 variations of a-4 week blended course. Each program incorporates online lessons teaching of our proven methodology, team exercises, and weekly video calls with a dedicated online coach.
Enterprise cloud academy scalable dev atom

Companies using our methodology

Proven methodologies, practical outcomes

Enterprise cloud academy shared language

Shared language to collaborate across functions

Get teams to collaborate more effectively with our visual tools. Reduce misalignment. Maximize shared understanding.
Enterprise cloud academy shared language

Customer-centric product and business design

Increase your customer understanding. Go beyond products and features. Apply our tools to design business models and value propositions based on what matters most to customers.
Enterprise cloud academy design test

Company-wide ability to assess, design, and test value propositions and business models

Hone your people’s creative skills to shape and validate new business ideas. Unlock untapped potential.
Enterprise cloud academy clear vp

Clear value propositions and business models

Get your people to confidently tell the story of how your products and services create value for customers and your business.
Enterprise cloud academy scalable dev world

Scalable skills development

Spread new tools and processes across your organization with this innovative, scalable, and engaging approach to skills development.

Strategyzer and MasterCard:
How a global workforce speaks a shared language

See how Strategyzer and MasterCard worked together to scale a shared language for business modelling to 1,000+ people in the organization.

Enterprise cloud academy masterclass

How it works

Small teams of 4 to 6 people participate in a 4-week blended course. Each week participants spend around 30 minutes per day going through self-guided online lessons and practical exercises. At the end of each week the team joins their dedicated coach in a virtual session to complete the team exercise together. Committed teams can complete the weekly exercise themselves prior to the virtual session and use the coaching for clarifications and open questions.

Strategyzer enterprise cloud academy
3 days of self-guided work
sessions (30min/each)

Enterprise cloud academy how to a

Team exercise work
session (1hr)

Enterprise cloud academy how to b

Video call with
facilitator (1hr)

Enterprise cloud academy how to a

We’ve found efficiencies in the way we do business. What does it mean to the business? It helps to understand what’s happening in the market better than all of the other indicators.
Grady Davis
Sr. Global Marketing Director, Spines & Biologicals Division

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