Learn from global innovation experts. Get new insights on how to problem-solve the most pressing corporate innovation challenges.

For the last five years, six innovation experts - bound by their close collaboration with Strategyzer and Business Model Canvas creator Alex Osterwalder - have been meeting at an annual retreat with a shared aspiration to help transform organisations and societies.

This year their gathering will happen in Melbourne, and will weave in Australian-based innovation experts and leaders to also share their experience at the forefront of innovation and business transformation. Moreover the annual gathering will for the first time be transformed into a one and a half day event which is being opened up to corporate innovation professionals and other business leaders.

This is a once in a decade opportunity to learn from global innovation experts, get new insights on how to problem-solve the most pressing innovation challenges Australian organisations are facing and connect with a community of pioneering leaders and innovation practitioners. Think of the sparks that will be created when we blend local experience with global expertise!

Program Overview (Topics covered)

  • Build a comprehensive innovation strategy
  • Shift leaders’ and directors’ mindset to enable innovation
  • Explore and manage new business ideas and pivot your existing business models to avoid disruption
  • Design the right innovation culture
  • Create and test the products and services customers want through rapid experimentation
  • Put in place the operating model needed for innovation
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Upcoming Event


Conversation Quarter, State Library Victoria

328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Event Agenda

Day 1:

Thursday 23d March

  • Why is innovation more important than ever? (Fred Etiemble)
  • What does a good corporate innovator look like? (Tendayi Viki)
  • How to find and nurture the innovation catalysts in your organisation? (Josie Gibson)
  • What will it take for you personally to be an effective innovation leader? (Sahil Merchant)
  • How to lead a team to shape, test and adapt an idea with growth potential? (Lucy Luo)

Break with lunch provided


  • You want to innovate but what’s your innovation strategy? (Christian Doll)
  • A prototype walks into a bar… (Paris Thomas)
  • Innovation in the boardroom to support the business strategy (Michael Wilkens)
  • Stop designing products and start building systems (Olga Cuesta)
  • Beyond business model innovation: how to engage your ecosystem and unlock upruption? (Greg Bernarda)

Day 2:

Friday 24th March

Workshop 1: 8.30am - 10.30am

Choose one of the below two workshops











Workshop 2: 11am-1pm

Choose one of the below two workshops




  •  Building the right innovation toolkit

Corporate innovation is  greatly enhanced by a specific toolkit. This workshop will deep dive into the tools of the “corporate innovation” trade, including the Business Model Canvas, Mission Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and Portfolio Map 


  • Shifting leaders’ mindset to enable innovation

Innovation cannot succeed without leadership support. This workshop will deep dive into the shift in mindset required by leaders to enable successful innovation, and consider how to build that conviction amongst an organisation’s top team.


  • Mastering experimentation

Innovation follows a different process consisting of iterative design and testing loops. This workshop will deep dive into innovation testing and help participants overcome the most common challenges of experimentation in a corporate environment 


  • Building the operating model required for innovation

The operating model that underpins an organisation’s core business will often stifle innovation. Corporate innovation needs its own process, structure and org design. This workshop will deep dive into the different building blocks of the operating model required for corporate innovation to become sustainable.


Access to Experts

Gain access to global innovation experts

  • Exchange with the doers and leaders in the innovation space
  • Meet and greet with global innovation thought leaders and authors of books in the Strategyzer series
  • Get answers to the most-pressing challenges in your organisation

Skill Development

Develop your innovation expertise

  • Build a richer perspective on the different facets of the corporate innovation challenge
  • Get tangible take-aways that you can apply in your organisation
  • Develop insights on how to problem-solve the most pressing innovation challenges in your organisation


Build new connections with the corporate innovation community

  • Connect with practitioners of the Melbourne innovation community
  • Connect with pioneering leaders with an ambitious innovation agenda
  • Connect with global innovation experts during their stay in Australia

Included with your Ticket

  • Access to Day 1 recordings for 1 month
  • Lunch (Day 1 only) and refreshments
  • The Invincible Company book from Strategyzer series
  • Optional certificate of completion provided on request

About The Speakers

Lucy Luo

Lucy is an innovation advisor to organizations large and small. She has been helping them seek breakthrough growth opportunities by launching new startup ideas to future proof their business. She has worked with multinationals to build out and implement their innovation engine as well as advising startups across Europe and Asia.

Lucy is also the head of content development at Strategyzer developing the latest thinking and methodology to turn complex innovation challenges into simple, visual practical tools accessible by all. 


Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki is an author and corporate innovation expert. As Associate Partner at Strategyzer, he helps companies build their capabilities to innovate for the future while managing their core business. He has written three books; Pirates In The Navy, The Corporate Startup and The Lean Product Lifecycle. He previously served as Director of Product Lifecycle at Pearson, where he co-developed an innovation framework that won the Best Innovation Program 2015 at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards in New York. Tendayi was shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Innovation Award in 2021 and was named on the Thinkers50 2018 Radar List for emerging management thinkers to watch.

Greg Bernarda Round
Greg Bernarda

Greg Bernarda mentors leaders and teams in working collaboratively to invent the(ir) future. He believes 21st century leaders lead ecosystems and not just organizations. In so doing, they access dynamics of value creation that unlock radically new opportunities and lead to better outcomes for all involved.

Greg is a co-author of the bestseller Value Proposition Design: how to build products and services customers want (Strategyzer, Wiley) and a co-founder of societal innovation event platforms in China, France, and Switzerland. He is an alumni of the World Economic Forum where he served for a decade to engage its members into global and industry communities.

Olga Cuesta

Olga Cuesta is one of Australia’s most respected innovation leaders. With over 20 years experience as a business designer in FTSE 100 and ASX companies she is a highly conceptual yet pragmatic thinker, able to consult, build relationships, coach and influence people to unlock potential and drive positive behavioural change. 

As the Chief Innovation Officer at Naked Ambition she creates business design strategies for Australia’s most ambitious companies, to ensure change and results are significant, scalable and sustainable. With qualifications and practical application in systems thinking, human-centred design, change management, agile,and Meta-NLP, 

Michael Wilkens Round
Michael Wilkens

Michael is an experienced entrepreneur making him a sought-after investor, mentor and Board Member in start-ups and growth companies. He has a very strong track record in creating growth and is currently holding the position as Chairman of the Board in 7 companies and he is on the board of additional 3.

Over 15 years as Executive Advisor Michael has advised many large organizations on innovation such as Bayer, Lego, Microsoft, and the UK  Strategic Command and he has led more than 150 strategy development processes for medium-sized companies.

Building innovation capabilities in non-profit organizations using the Mission Model Canvas is a particular passion.

As a pioneer in the use of the Business Model Canvas and co-author of the best-selling management book The Business Model Generation (Wiley, 2010), Michael frequently speaks about Innovation and Strategy at events and in Masterclasses.

Paris Thomas Round
Paris Thomas

Paris is an executive advisor on strategy, innovation and communication and a contributor in the best selling book “Value Proposition Design”. He has co-founded a European cleantech startup accelerator that leads the world’s largest annual green business ideas competition and is CEO of Talent Hacks, a company that’s in the business of reinventing corporate training. As a co-founder and investor in multiple startups, and a coach/trainer for 300+ founders per year, Paris is a highly sought-after advisor to corporates who wish to infuse some startup-mentality into their DNA. 

He is passionate about conducting business experiments and is also the founder of the Prototype Concierge service that helps organizations de-risk their business ideas through rapid experimentation. Paris believes that a proactively designed organizational culture, modern approaches to talent management, and a strong stomach to accept massive change are necessary precursors to successful innovation.

Josie Gibson

Josie Gibson is Director of changemaker community The Catalyst Network and strategic advisory firm CatalystFX. A leadership and business coach, she is a Senior Industry Fellow at RMIT University’s new FORWARD Centre for Future Skills and Workforce Transformation. Josie spent nearly 20 years in journalism before moving to government, academe and business. On the business side, Josie co-founded a startup and has established and helped build successful business networks for chief financial officers, HR directors and senior women in global companies. She mentors creative entrepreneurs and also contributes to Monash University’s alumni mentoring program and Flinders University’s Venture Dorm pre-accelerator program. She is active in initiatives exploring new work, community collaboration and economic models. 

Christian Doll Round
Christian Doll

Christian Doll is a Strategyzer advisor and coach. He has been working with mid-size to large companies on topics around “innovation & new business generation” for more than 10 years. Christian has a strong corporate background with more than 15 years working for multinational giants in several industries. 

Christian works with senior leaders, chief innovation officers and innovation teams to enable repeatable innovation in large organisations.

Sahil Merchant

Sahil Merchant is a proven entrepreneur, an innovator, and an expert in agility, growth and new talent. He founded and built McKinsey’s digital and data practice in Australia & New Zealand.

Sahil serves clients on both the strategic and executional levels of digital and data transformation to deliver commercial, customer engagement, and employee engagement outcomes while building internal capabilities and changing how work gets done. He can do PowerPoint if he really has to but prefers to make things happen and partner with clients to actually see the results being delivered.

Fred Etiemble Round
Frederic Etiemble

Frederic Etiemble is an executive advisor on strategy and innovation. He has been working with or in large organisations for more than 20 years and knows their business challenges from the inside. Fred is now a partner at Vibrance Partners and works with senior leaders on how to develop a sustainable innovation capability, explore new growth opportunities and transform their business.

Fred is the co-author with Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur and Alan Smith of The Invincible Company, a guide to building more resilience in organisations via corporate innovation, and was shortlisted for the Thinkers50 Strategy Award in 2021.