Strategyzer’s success depends on its stellar people. Our team helps companies around the world build new engines of growth using our proven methodology and technology-enabled services.

What we’re looking for in candidates

You are a great human being.

You strive to be a great human being.

We want world-class human beings who strive to show deep care and empathy for their team members. We believe that strong integrity and morals drive accountability, and that team members are open-minded to the views of others, while constantly working to improve themselves for the betterment of the whole organization.

You display great technical performance.

You display great technical performance.

Our team is made up of individuals who excel in their fields and disciplines. Developers, designers, customer success managers, sales leads, human resource drivers, training experts, logistics and procurement teams push their skills to the next level to evolve our organization, and build thought leadership along the way.

You are a great collaborator.

You are a great collaborator.

Collaboration is key to our success as a team. We want human beings who are incredibly hungry and aim to make an impact together as an organization. That means an enthusiasm to learn about methodologies and tools; to focus on the bigger picture and small details; and to navigate challenging feedback.


How We Work

We are a fully distributed team that works remotely across 12 countries. Our team contributes directly to the unique company culture we have today and is committed to transforming traditional management practices to build a truly great place to work.

Team members at Strategyzer enjoy:


World-Class Team: Be part of a highly visible, globally recognized organization, and contribute to a paradigm shift in strategy and innovation in the world’s leading enterprises.


Strong Company Culture: We strive to create an environment with strong psychological safety, and frequent feedback structures, to allow our people to do their best work.


Flexible Working: Work from anywhere globally, or from our physical office hubs in Toronto, Canada, or Zurich, Switzerland.


Growth Allowance: Professional and personal development are vital at Strategyzer. All team members get an annual growth allowance for conferences, courses, certifications, coaching, and more. We also include an annual book allowance.