The Strategyzer Book Series

The Invincible Company

How game changers & visionaries continuously re-invent business models.

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The Invincible Blueprint



Learn how to design better business models & how to use innovation metrics to reduce the risk of exploring new business ideas.



Follow our business model shifts and assess your potential for disruption to systematically improve your existing business models.



Learn how ambidextrous organizations build a balanced portfolio of explore and exploit business models.


About The Book

Invincible companies not only know how to design superior business models but they constantly reinvent themselves.

In The Invincible Company, we demonstrate how any organization can become unstoppable by managing a portfolio of existing businesses and by simultaneously exploring a pipeline of potential new growth engines.

The hands-on book contains several practical and essential tools including the Business Portfolio Map, Innovation Metrics, the Culture Map and a series of illustrated Business Model Mechanics.

The combination of these tools and our learnings will allow any company to forge a path toward becoming the next Invincible Company.

The Book Team

Yves Pigneur

Yves Pigneur

Dr. Yves Pigneur is coauthor of Business Model Generation and a professor of management and information systems at the University of Lausanne.

Alex Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder

Dr. Alexander Osterwalder is the lead author of the international bestseller Business Model Generation, passionate entrepreneur, and in-demand speaker.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith

Alan is obsessed with design, business, and the ways we do them. He cofounded Strategyzer, helping business people make stuff that customers actually want.


Fred Etiemble

Fred is an executive advisor and associate at Strategyzer. He works hand-in-hand with major companies to help them deliver innovation and business transformation outcomes.



Lucy Luo

Lucy is an innovation advisor to organizations large and small. She helps them seek breakthrough growth opportunities by launching new startup ideas to future proof their business


Matt Woodward

Matt is content strategist and a visual designer. He is an avid reader of innovation strategy and manages Strategyzer's social media and newsletter.

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