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Innovation Readiness Assessment

Tendayi Viki

Organizations need to know how prepared they are to support and nurture innovation. We’ve iterated on our Innovation Readiness Assessment Tool to include some of our latest insights.

We are just back from the Lean Startup Summit in Berlin, where we we tested out our newest iteration on a tool to assess Innovation Readiness.

This iteration is an improvement of the tool we created for the Peer Learning Summit in 2015 where we got several multinational corporations to share their experience with innovation management.

The Innovation Readiness tool focuses on three areas:

i) Leadership Support — assesses strategic alignment, resource allocation and the business portfolio.

ii) Organization Design — focuses on team empowerment, access to resources and the incentive system for innovation.

iii) Innovation Practice — measures the tools, processes and skills training to support innovation. We initially created the self assessment tool to help organizations learn from each other. The main focus is on assessing how successful a company is at innovating consistently — rather than running one-off innovation projects.

At the moment, companies are jumping in feet first, looking to innovate before they’ve done the work to assess their level of readiness to nurture innovation and build the right internal structures and environment.

We were motivated to iterate this tool to help companies assess their innovation readiness, and we hope it will help you and your team think thoughtfully about your preparedness for innovation, so you can jump in with your eyes wide open.

Please do reach out to our friendly sales team ( if you’re interested in running an Innovation Readiness Assessment workshop at your company. We’ve just finished one with a large multi-national with truly outstanding results!


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