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An innovation package deal that does everything you need it to do for your business transformation strategy. With outcome-oriented programs to guide you through the milestones, you can run your innovation autonomously and produce quality outcomes — turning ideas into results with data insights.

Our results speak for themselves: after the program, we produced and shared the executive review with our leadership. This structured report helped us share the most important metrics to demonstrate the value of our work, and gain stakeholder buy-in.”
Alvinesh Jugun
Innovation Manager, IBL Together

What’s in it for you

  • Achieve real innovation results. Ditch the gimmicks and focus on turning your ideas into investment-worthy projects.
  • Access to our extensive innovation experience through engaging e-learning, dynamic workshop slides, and effective leadership communications.
  • Discover innovative methods, workshop ideas, and engage in collaborative activities through structured and proven workflows.
  • Easily track team progress from idea to results with reports.
  • Present evidence-based business ideas and recommendations with insights from testing.
  • Access an experiment library to create structured experiments and speed up your experimentation process.

Your license includes access to

  • One of Strategyzer’s innovation programs. Select between:
    1. Strategyzer Discovery program to kickstart your innovation
    2. Strategyzer Validation program to bring your innovation ideas to life
    3. Strategyzer Acceleration program to select new growth engines for your business
  • Strategyzer’s Innovation Platform
  • Strategyzer’s innovation tools and processes
  • A support network to help you unblock your innovation challenges
  • Strategyzer’s practical coach training self-paced course
  • Lectures and live sessions with innovations experts like Alex Osterwalder, Tendayi Viki, David Bland, Stefano Mastrogiacomo, Steve Blank, and others
  • A resource library with everything you need—PDFs, slide decks, guides, documents—to coach your innovation team.

Program support

Equip your coaching team with Strategyzer-level skills and contextual support to deliver innovation results in-house. Connect them to a global peer network for shared learning and problem-solving.

Take control of your innovation and drive real results

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Akshay Shakkarwar

Chief Innovation Strategist
Matthieu Manzoni
Growth Solutions Lead