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Enable business growth using Strategyzer's world-renowned tools and guided workflows. Establish innovation processes based on tried and tested methods.

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Explore ideas independently, using our all in one innovation toolkit. Leverage world-class processes and a data-driven tech platform to discover successful business models. Our guided programs help companies to establish an affordable, autonomous, and scalable innovation process.

Your SME toolkit includes the following:

  • Guided workflows: structured processes for teams to develop ideas and make evidence-based decisions. Structured programs streamline the exploration process to help you find value propositions customers want and a business model that can scale.
  • AI methodology expert: An AI-powered bot that guides teams through a world-class innovation approach.
  • Self-paced e-Learning: training modules designed for teams to upskill autonomously.
  • Strategyzer library: access to resources designed to help build your in-house innovation capabilities.
  • Progress management: structured program milestones to measure and report on team progress.
  • Rapid experimentation: guided experiments to accelerate the testing process. Includes modules like customer interview templates for conducting and analyzing high-quality customer interviews.
  • Office hours: open sessions with Strategyzer experts and an opportunity to connect with other innovation practitioners.
  • Support: a dedicated program license success team for in-flight support and resource access.

It is so easy to get lost in the business of innovation. You need an even more organised approach when venturing into new ideas than when working with existing business models — because it is so easy to get lost.”
Alejandro Pifarre
Chief Principal, SAP Cloud Success Services

How to get started?

  1. Initiate a program for your team and get started with self-guided learning modules and team workshops
  2. Follow structured workflow step-by-step as a team and get guidance where needed
  3. Consolidate learnings using the Strategyzer Innovation Platform and make evidence-based decisions on how to continue.

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Ready to innovate autonomously?
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