Jonas Mosse

Jonas Mosse

Coach, Advisor

Jonas is an expert Business Mentor & Coach.  He strongly believes in making things happen and in empowering organizations’ teams with the right tools to accomplish their goals and enjoying the process. 

He has helped +300 Corporate and Startup teams apply Strategyzer’s tools and methodologies. He is also a Program Director & Entrepreneurship teacher, for MBA students at UBA  and UTDT (best Argentina’s MBA Previously, Jonas was an entrepreneur himself, having successfully launched 6 B2B/B2C companies before becoming a full time Business Coach.

He is a Program Director at Strategyzer, and he helps teams apply our innovation tools within all of our programs.

Jonas is a rare combination of an entrepreneur that combines real-field experience with different studies that makes him a people-person while at the same time a strategist focused in getting things done: he is an Industrial Engineer (UBA), Finance Specialist (UdeSA) and Ontological Coach (Chile).  He coaches startups from EO ( and also corporations such as BT, Colgate, Deutsche Bank, General Mills, Johnsons Control,  Medtronic, Merck, Pepsico, Roche, Siemens, USBank and more.

Jonas loves Nature and family time, and he became a Dive Control Specialist (SSI) to be able to enjoy Scuba Diving while taking care of his students.

He is married to Vero and has 2 children that he loves, Toto and Josefina.