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Innovation Workshop with Future CEOS (aka Kids)

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Last week my daughter had the opportunity to tell the story of our comic book to a class of 6-12 year-olds, and I taught them how to use the Business Model Canvas. I firmly believe this type of business/entrepreneurship comprehension should be an integral part of elementary education, similar to art appreciation. With an early introduction to entrepreneurship, kids learn the basics of business in a playful way, and and some may be inspired to become professional entrepreneurs.

We hope that someday business design (and our tools) can be fully integrated into education and culture, and will have a lasting impact similar to the scientific method or arithmetic.

Our community often writes to us about using our Strategyzer tools in schools and the classroom. We take immeasurable pride in the fact that  our tools are so simple that even kids can use them! It’s the ultimate stress-test for any business tool.


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