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Talking About Better Innovation

It was a great experience to do EY’s Better Innovation podcast in front of a live audience at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston on Nov. 5. Thank you to Jeff Saviano for the great conversation on what makes startups succeed and how great innovation can happen in big companies. Catch the replay with key highlights in this post.

Listen to the whole podcast here, or check out some highlights below:

11:42 - How I used design thinking, visual thinking and technology to make the Business Model Canvas a practical tool that business leaders would actually want to use.

15:27 - How many projects a business must invest in to hit on their multi-billion dollar idea.

18:30 - The difference between real corporate innovation and innovation theater.

19:45 – Why every company needs a Chief Entrepreneur.

24:21 – How a shift toward innovation happens at a structural level and a few examples of companies that have made some smart choices.

29:52 – How the Business Model Canvas and Steve Blank’s Lean Startup Method fit together.

38:34 – How we need to rethink organizations, with more decentralization and smart de-risking on new moves.

44:45 – Why CEOs need to educate their investors about the long-term view.

48:00 - I take some questions from the audience, including how to get comfortable with uncertainty, innovation in governments and defense, and tackling the myth of innovation needing to come from technology.

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Webinar Library

Re-live all of Alex Osterwalders fascinating conversations.

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