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Friday Catch Up: Lessons From Nokia’s 150 Year Old History & More

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Why not line up some weekend reading? This week we illustrate the ups and downs of Nokia; respond to comments on the future of tech innovation; and more.

What Nokia Can Teach You About Resilience

In this beautifully hand-illustrated video, Nabila Amarsy explains how Nokia has survived 150 years of highs and lows to reinvent itself. Will those habits mean a prosperous future for the company? This one is chock full of great business model lessons.

How Business Model Fit Will Differentiate Tech That “Feels The Same”

Kavi Guppta responds to David Pierce’s Wired article on the “sameness” in tech innovation.

Our New Weekly Newsletter Is Here

You’ve probably seen a few hints of our new weekly newsletter lately. Alex Osterwalder shares more on how the content team wants to provide our readers with essential readings on strategy, innovation, and organizational design.

Our newsletter launches this Sunday. Have you signed up yet?


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