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Friday Catch Up: 12 Mistakes To Avoid, How To Produce Evidence, and More

Line up some weekend reads incase you missed our posts this week. Learn about the 12 mistakes a new business can make. Try out two ways to make your teams more productive. And Alex Osterwalder shares his vision for an entrepreneur who sits among the C-suite.

12 Mistakes To Avoid When Turning An Idea Into A Business

Nabila Amarsy shares 12 mistakes to avoid when trying to turn your ideas into a business. What other mistakes can make you fail? We encourage you to share your thoughts in Nabila’s post.

How Your Team Can Produce Evidence For Their Ideas

I outline two very simple tweaks to actions your team already performs that can focus their efforts around experiments and generate evidence for their ideas.

The C-Suite Needs A Chief Entrepreneur

In this post for Harvard Business Review, Alex drafts a role description for an entrepreneur who can lead the search for future growth engines inside a Fortune 50 company. The Chief Entrepreneur doesn’t report to the CEO, he or she works alongside the CEO.

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