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Discussion: A Reflection On Strategy & Innovation In 2015

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In our last post of 2015, Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder reflects on how strategy and innovation impacted large companies in the past year. Dig in as he shares insights from his window on the world, and offers some motivational perspective for companies to consider as they prepare for 2016. 

In this conversation we ask:

  • What really stood out in strategy and innovation in 2015?
  • What kind of pushback is common from large companies?
  • Are we optimistic that companies can create dual operating structures?
  • Are large companies acting more like startups?
  • Why will corporate culture be an important component of strategy and innovation?
  • What can we hope for large companies in 2016 when it comes to strategy and innovation. 

The Future Of Strategy & Innovation Is Much More Dynamic
Columbia Business School professor Rita McGrath and Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder discuss how strategy is becoming a much more dynamic undertaking. Listen in as Alex and Rita explain concrete tips for embracing this "new wave" of dynamic strategic thinking. 

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