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8 Concrete Tips On How To Intentionally Design Great Corporate Culture

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Culture Map creator Dave Gray and Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder discuss in incredible detail the importance of great corporate culture and how it can be designed. Have you downloaded your free Culture Map yet? Listen in and try out the tool for yourself.

Here's what's discussed in this episode:

  • Why does the world need "Culture Mapping"?
  • Is it possible to intentionally design corporate culture?
  • How to does the Culture Map work? 
  • How can companies start designing their corporate culture?
  • Who is responsible for designing corporate culture in an organization?
  • What's a killer argument to convince leadership that designing corporate culture is important?

Dave Gray, Founder of XPLANE (@davegray)

Alex Osterwalder, co-founder of Strategyzer (@AlexOsterwalder)

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