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If you are an ambitious and early-stage startup, with a dedicated team, a promising idea and the hopes of finding a scalable business model, this post is for you! 

Applications are now closed. 

Exceptionally, we are looking for 10 enthusiastic, coachable and fully dedicated early-stage start-ups to participate in a 12-week Strategyzer Discovery Sprint! You’ll get free access to world class thinkers, Strategyzer’s platform, content, and coaching over this 12-week intensive program - starting April 13th

Whether you are a first time founder or a serial entrepreneur, you are likely very aware of the fact that the vast majority of startups fail - with most statistics having failure rates at around 90%. While this is the case, you might not know that 42% of all startups fail because they created something that nobody wanted - a seemingly incredibly basic and fundamental failure. 

These startups often had promising ideas, driven teams, and even strong support systems, but they failed to find traction for their solutions. All too often, founders base their entire rationale for pursuing a solution on a few conversations with friends and family members, rather than on sound research and testing.

As a result - and to reduce those odds - we at Strategyzer believe that it is incredibly important for startups to actively try to understand the interest customers may have in their product/idea very early in their journey. We believe that the only way to do this is to conduct a rigorous and comprehensive testing process, which will uncover and hopefully refine a startup’s desirability - whether customers are interested in it - and viability - whether one can build a scalable business model around that idea.

One way Strategyzer has consistently helped hundreds of companies and teams through this testing journey is with our Discovery Sprint.

This 12 week discovery sprint will enable you to make evidence based decisions and find a problem-solution fit in the market! We will take you through the same discovery process that we take our clients through and that has sparked innovation all over the world!

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The program consists of three phases: a Kickoff phase, a Discovery Testing phase, and a Pitch & Decide phase. 

The Kickoff

The Kickoff phase will start with a kickoff hosted by our founder Alex Osterwalder and super coach Tendayi Viki. You will be taught all of the fundamentals and theory that you need to ensure a successful sprint through the Strategyzer E-learning courses. 

Discovery Testing

The Discovery Testing Phase will take the shape of regular coaching and check-in sessions with your Coach to plan, execute and adapt your testing journey. During this phase, you will learn about your product and customers, and iterate on your approach as you generate more and more reliable evidence. The more you test, the more likely to de-risk your idea and find traction in the market.

The Pitch

The Pitch & Decide phase will help you develop the presentation skills you need to pitch your startup in the future. It will include a Pitch Day, where you will be presenting how the evidence you have collected has helped you decide on how to best pursue and adapt your business model to a panel of innovation experts along with the other startup teams. The panel will include Alex Osterwalder, Tendayi Viki and other Strategyzer guests. 

Once the pitches are completed, we will showcase the team with most progress & evidence on our blog and our social channels. 

Before applying, make sure that your entire team can attend these three mandatory workshop sessions that will be hosted by Alex Osterwalder. 

  1. Strategyzer Discovery Sprint Official Kickoff session - 13th April, 3-5pm CET
  2. Ideas Shaping and Testing Roadmap Workshop - 21-23rd April, 3-7pm CET
  3. Ideas Presentation Day - 28th June, 3-6pm CET

Applications are now closed. 

The Business Model Canvas

Design the business models that will disrupt your industry

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The Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas

Design the business models that will disrupt your industry

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