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Become an Innovation Expert at the 2020 Strategyzer Bootcamp

Ready to take your innovation skills to the next level?

Apply for Strategyzer’s 2020 Bootcamp. Boost your innovation practice with a 5-day deep dive into our tools, methodology and facilitation secrets and meet innovation practitioners from around the globe.


Strategyzer Bootcamps are 5-day intensive 60-hour workshops where we bring experienced innovation practitioners together to discuss innovation processes and techniques on a granular level.

This is not an ordinary conference where you pay to play — everyone is pre-screened and must have deep experience with innovation coaching and Strategyzer tools specifically.

With this first step, everyone starts on an advanced level. We can dive right into the hard work of facilitating innovation processes and workshops. Participants don’t just learn from us, but also from each other's experience.

In 2020, our Bootcamp will be facilitated by:

  • Alex Osterwalder (co-founder of Strategyzer and author of Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design and the upcoming Invincible Company)
  • Yves Pigneur (Alex’s co-author on the Strategyzer book series)
  • Tendayi Viki (Associate Partner at Strategyzer and author of The Corporate Startup)
  • Holger Nils Pohl (visual artist)
  • Shamira Miller, Strategyzer Coach and head of Strategyzer’s Corporate Certification program
  • + plenty more to be announced!

innovation readiness team

At the bootcamp you will:

  • Level up your innovation management and facilitation skills
  • Network with and learn from experienced innovation practitioners from around the world (including bootcamp alumni and outside thought leaders)
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Access our latest tools, content and thinking

The application process is short and painless and the 2020 Bootcamp will take place from Sept 28th - Oct 2nd in Baden, Switzerland.

If you are interested in applying to the Bootcamp or the prerequisites for attending please follow the link below.

We can’t wait to work with you on your innovation journey!

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Download the preview

Download the preview

100-pages of Value Proposition Design - completely free!

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