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This unique online learning experience – taught by David J. Bland — the lead author of Testing Business Ideas — will shift your mindset, grow your skill set, and help you drive meaningful change in your organization.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to reduce the risk of costly failure through a systematic testing process
  • Learn how to make testing a repeatable process in your organization: team design, stakeholder communication, experiment flow, and measuring progress
  • How to identify the right experiment for your riskiest hypotheses from a library of 44 experiments.
  • How to start with small bets and increase spending on your journey from discovery to validated business idea.
  • How to design experiments that produce the market feedback you need to learn whether your idea works or not.

What you’ll receive

  • The 3-day virtual master workshop 

  • Pre-master workshop networking event (1 hour)
  • Pre-master workshop online course: Introduction to Business Testinge-book code for "Testing Business Ideas"
  • 1 year license to the Strategyzer Innovation Platform
  • Access to the master workshop Slack community
  • Master workshop course material and exercises (PDF)
  • Certificate of completion and badge

Take control of your innovation and drive real results

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