Developing an Innovation Ecosystem in a Top 5 Pharma Company

Released: November 10, 2021    Length: 33 min


Designing a global innovation ecosystem from scratch is a daunting task for any leader. But at the same time it’s also the perfect challenge and dream job for anyone interested in innovation right?

Imagine for a moment that you were given that responsibility in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, what’s the first thing you would do?

This was the challenge facing Sergey Zverev (Managing Director, Colombia & Ecuador Cluster at MSD) Sergey quickly set up a new innovation infrastructure and got to work creating a new culture inside the company. He began fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and implemented new ways of working within Merck’s Emerging Markets. He enabled intrapreneurs on five different continents to explore ideas for innovative access to Merck’s drugs and vaccines and his team’s efforts contributed significantly to creating new growth.

The journey hasn’t been without its setbacks and struggles though and it’s in November’s StratChat that we’ll hear directly from our guest, Sergey, about the ups and downs of the process and he’ll share his key learnings. We’re excited to hear Sergey’s experiences and stories.

Fred Etiemble (co-author of The Invincible Company) will lead the discussion, with Nick Himowicz hosting the show. As usual, we’ll also share practical tools and have some fun exploring what’s hot or not in the world of corporate innovation.

So grab a ticket and join us behind the scenes to uncover how to tackle one of the most interesting challenges in the corporate world.

The show starts at 12pm CET on 10th November.

About The Speakers

Fred Etiemble

Fred Etiemble

Fred is an executive advisor on strategy and innovation. He works with courageous leaders on how to develop an innovation culture, explore new growth engines and transform their businesses. He has been working with or in large organizations for more than 20 years and knows their challenges from the ... Read more >

Sergey Zverev

Sergey Zverev

Sergey Zverev is a corporate leader with 14 years’ experience in life science industry with a broad expertise including strategic and operational roles across various divisions and functions (sales & marketing, government affairs, market access, key account management). 
Currently Sergey is Managing Director in MSD Colombia & Ecuador Cluster. Prior to that role, Sergey was Strategy & Operations Lead in Emerging Markets region (30+ subsidiaries across the world) in MSD, and in that capacity, he was leading EM Innovative Access Studio, a commercial innovation accelerator established to test innovative business ideas with a “venture capitalist” style approach.Sergey holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degree in business management from the Moscow Institute of International Affairs.

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