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Strategyzer Masterclasses: Learn What It Takes to Create a World-Class Innovation Engine

Alexander Osterwalder

Innovation is very much a subjective topic as it can be applied and achieved in many different ways.

Yet having worked with some of the biggest organizations in the world, I’ve learned that focusing on the following four areas provides professionals with the most comprehensive skill set and shared language to innovate successfully within their own companies:

  1. Innovation Performance & Management

  2. Testing and Innovation Metrics

  3. Design Thinking, Ideation, and Prototyping

  4. Competing on Business Models

And this is exactly what inspired me to design the Strategyzer Masterclasses with my co-author Yves Pigneur back in 2009: To help others learn how to do it.

I believe that this approach, coupled with the right business tools and  state-of-the-art innovation practises such as Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ Lean Startup methodology, really helps create a winning formula.

We set out to create a unique learning experience, where participants get their hands dirty and engage with Strategyzer’s innovation toolset, in an interactive environment. And I think we’ve achieved that, with plenty of testing along the way.

How many conferences and workshops have you been to that are either rich in content or rich in participation - but rarely both?

For me collaboration is key here, and at Strategyzer we’re big advocates of learning by doing, because that’s what innovation is all about.

Over the years and iterations, I believe we have transformed the Masterclasses into an engaging learning experience that gives participants a practical innovation toolbox and the ability to apply it when they return home.

We’re in Japan next, Toronto, London, Boston, Paris, Singapore and Melbourne soon after.

Click here for more details about our Masterclasses.

It would make my day if you could share with someone you think could really benefit from attending.

Thanks for reading!

Corporate Innovation at Scale

Build your capacity for reinvention with the Growth Portfolio.

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Corporate Innovation at Scale
Corporate Innovation at Scale

Corporate Innovation at Scale

Build your capacity for reinvention with the Growth Portfolio.

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