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Amazon Prime: There's No Such Thing As Free Streaming

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Amazon is increasingly growing its presence in the entertainment industry. They offer streaming content on and even produce their own TV shows. As a consumer you can pay to watch online videos or subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy free unlimited streaming. In this post we analyze why it's a brilliant move by Amazon to bundle these two services.

In this newspost, we’re visualizing the financial logic behind Amazon’s decision to tie together its Amazon Prime subscription with its online streaming offer. 

Tools and Techniques Used

Critical Elements

  1. Amazon, an online retailer, offers a membership service called Amazon Prime which includes perks such as free two-day deliveries on items bought on
  2. Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy free unlimited streaming.
  3. Amazon is hoping that online videos will attract more customers to Prime, and that Prime's other perks will encourage subscribers to shop on
  4. Amazon is consolidating its presence in the entertainment industry by producing its own movies and TV series.

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