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Amplify the power of Value Proposition Design with the interactive online companion

The online companion to our latest book, Value Proposition Design, is designed to help you apply what you learn.

Unlock handy tools and templates, and vibrant posters

The companion will guide you through the messy process of designing and testing a great value proposition.

Vpd tools and templates

Tools and Templates

  • The Business Model Canvas Explained
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Sell Your Colleagues on Value Proposition Design
  • Customer Jobs Trigger Questions
  • Customer Pains Trigger Questions
  • Customer Gains Trigger Questions
  • Customer Profile
  • Pain Relievers Trigger Questions
  • Gain Creators Trigger Questions
  • Value Map
  • The Value Proposition Design Canvas
  • Ad-lib Value Proposition Template
  • Spark Ideas With Design Constraints
  • Big Idea Book List
  • Identify High Value Jobs
  • Six Ways to Innovate From The Customer Profile
  • A Day In The Life Worksheet
  • Seven Questions to Assess Your Business Model Design
  • Order Workshop Materials
  • The Test Card
  • The Learning Card
  • Progress Indicators
Vpd posters and case studies

Posters and Case Studies

  • From Failure to Success
  • Innovating in Established Organizations
  • The 3 Types of Fit
  • 10 Great Characteristics of Great Value Propositions
  • 10 Prototyping Principles
  • Where to Start
  • Ground Rules for Interviewing
  • Master the Art of Critique
  • 10 Testing Principles
  • Testing Overview Process
  • The Progress Board
  • Owlet: Case Study
  • Taobao: Case Study
  • Value Proposition Design Glossary

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