Growth Funnel

A 1-year process of 3 consecutive sprints to shape, test, adapt new business ideas and invest only in the best idea(s) to generate new growth for your organization.



The Growth Funnel provides large enterprises with the structure, processes, training, tools and coaching support they need to create and sustain a successful corporate innovation ecosystem. Your teams will be empowered to design, test and make decisions on new business ideas. By bringing evidence to the table teams will make innovation investment decisions fact-based and simple for your strategy team or growth board. 



Start with a cohort of up to 10 small teams and 10 ideas. Improve ideas with design tools and techniques. Test basic hypotheses, course correct rapidly, adapt the ideas over a 15-week process and invest only in the most promising ones.


Continue with the 3 to 5 ideas that show the most potential based on evidence. Intensify testing over a 15-week period. Confirm with strong evidence what business idea is likely to work and further invest on this one only.


Further intensify testing over the next 24-week period with Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and prepare your business idea for scaling and further investment.

The Process


15 weeks


15 weeks


26 weeks


A validated business model ready to scale
Business model decisions by teams based on evidence
Development of entrepreneurial skills within the organization
A managed innovation portfolio
Investment decisions by growth board based on evidence
Development of innovation leadership skills

The program includes


World-class coaching by our experts

  • Continuous team coaching adapted to the stage the innovation teams are at in their journey from initial idea to MVP
  • Leadership coaching on innovation portfolio management and how to support innovation teams throughout the program (whether teams make it to the next phase or not)
  • Remote coaching and guidance by Strategyzer coaches to overcome challenges specific to the teams’ idea during each of the three testing phases

The right tool kit for innovation

  • A Field Guide with step-by-step instructions and activities to sketch out our first ideas.
  • A set of practical tools (Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas, Test & Learning Card).
  • Online courses teaching the theory and providing practical advice relevant to each phase.
  • The Strategyzer Web App to capture and digitize design and testing activities, document feedback from customers and stakeholders and track the teams’ progress.

Professional Program Management

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager will enable program set-up in 4-6 weeks,
  • And provide the infrastructure for smooth sailing of all teams throughout the program.

Frequently asked questions

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