Acceleration Sprint

A 7-month innovation process to get a validated business idea ready for scaling in the market.



The Acceleration Sprint is ideal for teams who have already made progress validating their ideas. It combines in-person workshops and remote coaching to help an innovation team test their value proposition in a limited market. Over a 24-week period of intense testing the team will drastically reduce the risk of not delivering customer value and the risk of not making a profit. The team will gather evidence to justify larger investments and prepare for scaling in the market.


The Process


30 weeks


Week 1 - 4

The Preparation phase is all about engaging stakeholders, and aligning on key success factors. At the end of the Preparation phase all participants and stakeholders will have a clear understanding of what they can expect from the Acceleration Sprint, and what’s expected from them.

Phase Breakdown
  • Alignment meeting with leadership team to discuss leadership involvement expected in the Acceleration Sprint
  • Alignment meeting(s) at operational level to discuss project success factors and resources, and review the plan and roles & responsibilities of different stakeholders
  • Set up of infrastructure and logistics for webinar and workshop.
  • Kick-off webinar with all participants to set goals & expectations and introduce the team to their coach and toolkit.
What You’ll Get
  • A roadmap for the following 25 weeks that will allow all participants to allocate their time effectively
  • Access to Strategyzer app and online training for all participants
  • All invitations sent for webinar and workshop.

Acceleration workshop

Week 5

In the 2-day acceleration workshop the last remaining team will co-design with their coach the testing and/or scaling plan for the next 24 weeks. This plan will be adapted to the specific context of the team and its business.

Phase Breakdown
  • The workshop does not follow a standard template and will be tailor made by the coach to adapt to the team’s context
What You’ll Get
  • Testing and/or scaling plan
  • Feedback and guidance from a coach dedicated to the team


Week 6-29

Depending on the nature of the business they’re building, the team’s activities during Acceleration might still be focused on de-risking remaining critical hypotheses in order to build a solid business case (e.g. in a case where there are still critical feasibility hypotheses related to hardware development or a heavy infrastructure required). Other teams might evolve quicker towards scaling challenges such as recruiting required staff, setting up the right legal structure, etc.

Phase Breakdown
  • Design of experiments with guidance from their coach
  • Several rounds of experiments to validate or refute the hypotheses
  • Documentation of findings in the Strategyzer App
  • Problem-solving scaling challenges with guidance from their coach
  • Preparation of business plan presentation with guidance from their coach
What You’ll Get
  • Further evidence of potential of business idea and progress in de-risking it 
  • Business model decisions by the teams: shelve the idea, pivot or persevere
  • Practice of entrepreneurial skills
  • Continued coaching in how to apply the Strategyzer methodology
  • Proposed solutions to the scaling challenges faced by the team
  • A solid business plan

Final Workshop

Week 30

During the final workshop the team will present their business plan to the leadership team or growth board.

Phase Breakdown
  • Business plan presentation to leadership and/or growth board
  • Leadership and/or growth board assess business plan and decide on further investment and scaling of business
What You’ll Get
  • A business model ready to scale


A validated business model ready to scale
Business model decisions by teams based on evidence
Development of entrepreneurial skills within the organization
A managed innovation process applied on project
Investment decisions by growth board based on evidence
Development of innovation leadership skills

The program includes


The right tool kit for innovation

  • A Field Guide with step-by-step instructions and activities to sketch out our first ideas.
  • A set of practical tools (Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas, Test & Learning Card).
  • Online courses teaching the theory and providing practical advice relevant to each phase.
  • The Strategyzer Web App to capture and digitize design and testing activities, document feedback from customers and stakeholders and track the teams’ progress.

World-class coaching by our experts

  • Continuous team coaching adapted to the stage the innovation teams are at in their journey from initial idea to MVP
  • Leadership coaching on innovation portfolio management and how to support innovation teams throughout the program (whether teams make it to the next phase or not)
  • Remote coaching and guidance by Strategyzer coaches to overcome challenges specific to the teams’ idea during each of the three testing phases

Professional Program Management

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager will enable program set-up in 4-6 weeks,
  • And provide the infrastructure for smooth sailing of all teams throughout the program.

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