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These days, most companies recognize the need for innovation. Many have even hired people to do the work. 

But there’s still a gap between leaders’ aspirations around innovation and their company’s capabilities to innovate. 

Innovation is hard. It requires support from leadership, access to limited organizational resources and mastery of a different set of practices, much of which companies don’t yet have in place.

That’s why Strategyzer led by Alex Osterwalder (author of The Invincible Company) and Tendayi Viki (author of Pirates In The Navy) created the Innovation Ecosystem Assessment.

This tool enables you to get a detailed picture of your organization’s current innovation readiness, what is working, what is not working, what is missing and what initiatives you need to implement to improve your company’s innovation practice.

We use this tool in our work with large enterprises helping them build innovation ecosystems to create repeatable predictable results.

Therefore, we’ve created a special two-part webinar series. It’s designed to help you, as a corporate innovator or senior leader, adopt and apply the Innovation Ecosystem Assessment in your company.

The webinar series

There are three parts:

  1. Webinar 1 - Introducing the Innovation Ecosystem Assessment (60 mins) - We introduce the three components of a world-class innovation ecosystem (i.e. portfolio, programs and culture). We’ll then present our methodology for assessing innovation ecosystems, including the tools we use.  We will also teach you how you use these tools to analyze your own company.
  2. Assessing Your Company - After the webinar, you will get FREE access to download our assessment  tools and use them in your organization. We will give you three weeks to complete your assessment. As you do the work, we will provide you with a way to submit questions about any challenges you may be facing or clarifications you need. We’ll try to address and answer your questions in Part 2 of our webinar.
  3. Webinar 2 - Innovation Ecosystem Assessment Best practices (60 mins) - We will ask a few of those who completed the assessment to be guests on the show and talk through their responses with us. We’ll also select some common questions you raised and address them during the webinar. 

Why you should join the webinar series:

You’ll get:

✅ An overview of your company's innovation portfolio and innovation programs

✅ An understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s innovation culture

✅ Answers to any questions you might have as you assess your innovation ecosystem 


We only have a limited number of spaces available for this live webinar series. To lock in your free spot today, please register below.

About The Speakers

Alexander Osterwalder

Alexander Osterwalder

Dr. Alexander (Alex) Osterwalder is one of the world’s most influential innovation experts, a leading author, entrepreneur and in-demand speaker whose work has changed the way established companies do business and how new ventures get started. Ranked No. 4 of the Thinkers50 list of the most influent... Read more >

Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki

Tendayi Viki is an author and innovation consultant. He holds a PhD in Psychology and an MBA. As Associate Partner at Strategyzer, he helps large organizations innovate for the future while managing their core business. He has given keynotes, run workshops and worked as a consultant for several larg... Read more >