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StratChat Replay: Building an Innovation Pipeline in an Ambidextrous Organization with Bosch


When making investments in innovation, leaders often falsely assume that they can pick the winning ideas on day one. But the uncertainty of innovation makes it impossible to know exactly which ideas are going to win.

Our work with Bosch has shown that it is better to make many small bets and then allow the winning ideas and teams to emerge by creating the right context.

Members of Bosch’s Accelerator Program, Uwe Kirschner & Sebastian Budischin, join Strategyzer co-founders Alexander Osterwalder & Alan Smith to share how they tackle and manage innovation through their in-house accelerator using our latest tool: The Business Portfolio Map.

Watch the replay of what was a fascinating discussion with valuable of insights into the innovation thinking and execution of a multi-billion dollar company.

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03:20 - Introductions, books & tools

06:40 - Alex Osterwalder on why you can't pivot your way to success

09:48 - Uwe Kirschner: Building an innovation pipeline

14:52 - Sebastian Budischin: Bosch innovation framework

26:00 - Uwe Kirschner: Bosch's innovation funnel & statistics

31:30 - Q&A: How do you convince leadership teams that it's not possible to pick the winner and take the portfolio approach?

37:25 - Q&A: How do you evaluate teams and individual performance in innovation?

40:05 - Q&A: How do we motivate the teams who didn't get follow-up investment on one idea to continue on to the next one.

45:45 - Q&A: How do you document your innovation learnings?




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72-pages of Business Model Generation - completely free!

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