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Testing Business Ideas: Out Now!

Alexander Osterwalder

“When I have a business idea, 
I want to be able to rapidly test it, 
So that I don’t build something nobody wants."

It’s been over 10 years since David Bland first conceived the idea of writing a book about testing business ideas, and this was the job story around which the book was written. This week that vision has become a reality with the official publication of our third Strategyzer Series book: Testing Business Ideas.


Our first two books, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design, focus on how to create value for both the business and the customer. Both offer introductions into the testing framework, but they don’t offer any practical experiments that people could replicate or use for inspiration to testing their own ideas.

Testing Business Ideas fits so well into the Strategyzer series because it’s the ultimate field guide to business testing. The 348-pages of beautifully illustrated, simple and practical content serves as the missing piece to the puzzle: it goes into great detail on how to design your ideas, how to test them and finally how to scale the testing process in your own team and organization.

The caveat of this book, however, lies in the experiment section. It’s where we’ve outlined 27 discovery experiments and 15 validation experiments to help you find inspiration to find out the truth about all of your assumptions.


Also included is a series of experiment sequences for you to refer to as the basis for all of your experimentation efforts. It’s a series of innovation tactics for you to learn how to de-risk your business ideas and develop testing skills that allow you to tweak them as well as create your own experiment sequences once you get the hang of it.


The entire team at Strategyzer so incredibly pleased with the outcome of this partnership with David. It’s for sure been a lot of work, across a lot of countries, but we couldn’t be prouder of the result. We’ve been testing both the concepts and the content with business leaders, academics and fellow peers over the last year to deliver the most practical field-guide to business testing and experimentation on the market.

Learn everything there is to know about testing your business ideas.
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