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StratChat Replay: Redesigning Life and Work for a New World with Ayse Birsel

This past March, we ran head-first into a new world. In an instant, where and how we live and work changed. But so far, most of those changes were dictated by urgency and the absence of any other choice. Now it’s time to get creative, proactive and resourceful about what you do next.

Ayse Birsel’s REDESIGNING LIFE + WORK webinar with Alex Osterwalder and Tendayi Viki gives you room to step back and think differently about what is now possible. Using Ayse’s proven Deconstruction: Reconstruction™ process, viewers can rethink how we got here and redesign what to do next.


Ayse Birsel’s Deconstruction: Reconstruction™ process:


1. Deconstruction: Taking the whole apart


2. Point of view: Forming a new POV


3. Reconstruction: Putting it back together


4. Expression: Giving it form

Watch the replay:

00:00 - Introduction to the session
04:15 - Design The Life You Love interactive session
11:20 - Duality: Whats your superpower and whats your kryptonite?
20:20 - Creative thinking: See things differently on purpose
24:15 - Who's your hero, what their qualities and values?
37:00 - How to use your heroes on a daily basis
48:00 - Q&A with Ayse, Alex and Tendayi





Ayse Birsel's
Design The Life You Love



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