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Raising The Bar For Corporate Innovators

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We will be light on posting this week because of the 2nd annual Strategyzer Bootcamp taking place in Baden. I wanted to share a quick peek at our amazing venue here in Baden, Switzerland.


Kicking off Day 1.

For the next 5 days, 33 participants from around the world will be training hard with me to raise the bar for corporate innovators. It'll be a 50 hour work week full of exercises, seminars, and even guest speakers like Steve Blank, Tony Ulwick, and Rita McGrath.

Attendees are a mixture of coaches and companies who are eager to transform the way innovation around new value propositions and business models takes place in large organizations today.

I'll be posting updates on Twitter if you're interested in following along. If you're curious: our venue was a working foundry that's now been converted into a mixed use arts and event space.


A new iteration on our workshop design cards.


Participants setting their intention for the week.


Some of the Strategyzer team is here to help participants learn.

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