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We're Hiring: Full Stack Developer

The Strategyzer team is looking for a full stack engineer to join us in building the world-class operating system for strategy and innovation inside leading global companies. We want to destroy the mess of Powerpoint, Excel, and Word docs currently “managing” strategy, and create one clear, simple system. 

This is a full-time Position. The candidate can work remotely or from any of our offices in Zurich or Toronto. 

We’re looking for a candidate who loves to dig in and solve problems. A person with more to bring to the team than just their individual contributions. 

You will spend time collaborating with product managers and designers to turn our customers’ needs into beautiful tools they can’t live without. As well as the usual programming activities, you will get involved in figuring out how to solve customer problems, improving how we work and the technology we use. There are opportunities to take the lead on initiatives you care about. 

What we are offering:

  1. Have an impact
    Build software that changes the way people do strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Enable our customers to de-risk their business ideas and succeed. Opportunities to contribute to the wider team and shape how we make software.
  2. Quality
    A chance to produce your best work, with feedback and best practices built-in. We see quality as a way to achieve speed. There’s time to build it the right way.
  3. Great developer experience
    We’ve got agile development processes that helps us deliver, rather than slow us down. We’re using modern technology (Webpack, React, Storybook, Redux, Rails 5) and tools (CircleCI, CodeClimate, Heroku, AWS, Trello, Slack, our own Pattern Library) that are a joy to use, which help us adapt fast and deploy without ceremony. Yet, we strive to get better every day. 
  4. Personal growth
    You will join a customer focused product team, who are constantly learning and improving how and what we make. We offer a professional development budget to use for workshops, books and more, and every team member has access to a personal growth coach for improvement. Join us and learn with us.
  5. Flexibility & convenience
    Enjoy flexible work-days & work from anywhere. We have offices in Zurich and Toronto, but 2/3 of our team is distributed around the world from Australia to Europe and the United States. Join us to experience how globally distributed teams work in the 21st century.
  6. Outstanding company culture
    Join one of the leading companies in corporate innovation and be part of a world-class team. We have a strict "No asshole rule" in place, and egos are left at the door. We only hire talented, humble individuals that care for the work and the team and have an unquenchable thirst to create the best work of their lives.

6 Characteristics that make hiring you irresistible:

  1. Focus on the problem
    You like to understand the problem and evaluate possible options and scenarios before putting forward a technology or code. You keep it simple.
  2. A person who strives to do their best work ever
    You are proud to deliver high quality working software. You write tests to verify your work and help others understand and make their own changes. You have a history of getting things done, and find the right balance between speed and quality. You want your work to have impact.
  3. Positive can do attitude
    You put customers and team first. You love to help, whether that’s code reviews, constructive feedback, challenging the status quo, sharing ideas or customer support. You enjoy the challenge of refactoring legacy code whilst keeping it working.
  4. Humble learner
    You are hungry for constructive feedback. You want to be challenged and challenge others in turn. You do not fear being wrong or admitting you didn't understand something. When it comes to decisions, you are able to have strong opinions but at the same time must be open to tackle problems from a new perspective or trying new things.
  5. Experienced Full stack developer
    You are well versed in front and backend technologies, preferably in the technology we use in our stack: Rails, React, Redux, ES6, CSS & SQL.
  6. An organisational powerhouse
    You believe in collaboration on shared responsibilities as well as autonomy to drive your own tasks. You have an independent work style, great at juggling multiple priorities and work well under pressure. Nobody wonders what you’re up to, you’re making your work and challenges transparent.

Our company values

Who we are


  • care for each other
  • have integrity
  • are open minded
  • are hungry

How we work

we are… 

  • customer centric
  • users of our own methodology
  • iterative
  • autonomous & collaborative
  • focused on big picture & detail
  • open to constructive conflict

What we deliver

our work is… 

  • simple & clear, visual, practical & relevant
  • of great quality

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Webinar Library

Re-live all of Alex Osterwalders fascinating conversations.

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