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Biz4Kids Update: Mini Sprints To Develop The Comic Book

This July I spent a week with my kids and the kids of a Kuwaiti friend at our summer camp. The camp was a chance to advance our comic book to teach kids business in a fun way. Check out some of the pictures of our mini-sprints with the kids and our visual team.

Though it was summer vacation and I got the kids to work 4-5 hours a day for an entire week, they didn’t complain a single time. Wow! The kids were actually eager to advance on the comic book that we successfully funded in a Kickstarter campaign.

The reason I started this with my kids was simple: I wanted them to learn about business through a real-world entrepreneurial project and I burned to spend quality time with them during the summer by working together on a meaningful creative project. I believe everybody should undertake this type of creative project with their kids. It’s unbelievably rewarding and a great learning experience for the parents and the kids.

Our process was straightforward:

1) Brainstorm. The kids brainstormed a story for the comic book with sticky notes. We gave them some constraints and included some guidelines.

2) First Refinement: Then Holger and I refined the story a little and we added some business goals.

3) First Feedback: We played the story back to the kids to get input and learn what they liked and what they didn’t.

4) First Comic Panels: In a next step, Beni and Lukas, from Holger’s team put together some comic panels.

5) Second Feedback: We shared back the story to the kids. Once by letting them read the comic panel prototype to then collect their story & visual critique. Once by giving them the panels and letting them craft the text bubbles and conversations.

6) Public Feedback: In a last step we posted the first story online to share with the  people who funded the Kickstarter as co-creators.

It was incredibly enriching to collaborate with the kids and discover their creativity. I can’t wait to put this comic in front of kids, parents, and teachers around the world and make a little difference in business education.

Download the preview

96-pages of The Invincible Company - completely free!

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Download the preview
Download the preview

Download the preview

96-pages of The Invincible Company - completely free!

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