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5 Of Our Latest Posts On Testing New Business Ideas

You may have noticed we've been publishing new content around testing new business ideas. In this post, we list out five of the popular posts our readers have been enjoying. We're also working on a Lean Startup course to help companies get better at testing new business ideas. Sign up to get notified when the course goes live.

To learn more about the Lean Startup course we are developing, click here. Sign up to get notified when it goes live.

StratChat Webinar: The Basics Of Testing New Business Ideas

Strategyzer co-founder Alex Osterwalder shares some crucial basics to testing. The session includes important elements like how to select the best hypothesis, how to design experiments, how to run them, and how to learn from them.

The 5 Critical Success Factors Of A Successful Innovation Sprint

We frequently help large companies run Innovation Sprints to shape and test new business ideas. This helps them kickstart innovation or the re-invention of existing business units, and it helps them reduce the risk related to new ideas. Here are the five ingredients that are crucial to a successful sprint.

The 4 KPIs To Track In Innovation Accounting

We’ve just finished an innovation metrics project with a consortium of three multinational companies and an SME. In this post we share an insight into the four key performance indicators (KPIs) we’ve started to put forward to track innovation projects.

Get Creative With Your B2B Experiments

In business-to-business (B2B), it’s not enough to be creative when coming up with new value propositions and business models. You need to be creative about how to test those new ideas, too.

The One Biggest Error In Customer Interviews: Mistaking Opinions For Facts

Customer interviews are a great technique to quickly and cheaply get early customer insights. However, many of the executives we work with commit a dangerous error: they mistake customer opinions for hard facts. We explain.

Hungry for more? Check out the Testing category on the blog and dig into more posts around designing and running business experiments


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Re-live all of Alex Osterwalders fascinating conversations.

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Webinar Library

Re-live all of Alex Osterwalders fascinating conversations.

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