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Closed: World-Class Researcher/Analyst, Strategyzer Content Team


Strategyzer is looking for a new world-class member to join our  content team and help research our next book on the world’s best business models. Work directly with co-founder Alex Osterwalder and co-author Yves Pigneur and shape the way thousands of people think about (and do) business around the globe. Is this you? Read the role description and submit your CV and cover letter.

Join our Strategyzer Content Team as a Researcher to shape the way thousands of people do business around the globe. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with Alex Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, and some of the world's greatest companies.

Note: This job is not a consulting position.

We’re gearing up to write our next bestseller that highlights world class business models. Our content team needs a proven researcher/analyst to help uncover and study current and historic  companies with stellar business models. You will put together amazing visual case studies and stories that help people understand business model innovation and transformation. As a member of the content team you’ll also have the opportunity to work on new concepts rooted in our methodology.

Of course this is not your traditional business book--we don’t believe in text-heavy Harvard Business School cases. At Strategyzer we craft beautiful, simple, and captivating visual presentations and stories that open people's eyes to the potential of business model innovation. This job requires proficiency in the tools and methods described in our two global bestsellers, Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design (2m copies in over 40 languages).

Our Value Proposition to you:

  1. Have an Impact: Change the way leading companies do business around the world. Our tools, processes, online courses, and applications change the way people do strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Our customers include great brands like MasterCard, Colgate, Intel, Nestlé, Medtronic, Fujitsu, and many more. Join us to make change happen worldwide.

  2. Personal Growth: Learn constantly with and from a world class content team. You will join an amazing content team with a proven track record and a global audience. We crafted two management book bestsellers with over two million copies sold. Our online courses are used by tens of thousands of people in leading companies. Yet, we strive to learn more every day. Join us, learn with us. You will be personally trained by Alex Osterwalder.

  3. Flexibility & Convenience: Enjoy flexible workdays & work from anywhere. We have offices in Zurich and Toronto, but 2/3 of our team is distributed. Join us to experience how globally distributed teams work in the 21st century.

  4. Outstanding Company Culture: Join a world-class team doing their best work ever. We have a strict "No asshole rule”, based on Bob Sutton’s management book bestseller. We only hire people who are great, yet humble and strive to do the best work of their career as part of a brilliant team.

6 Characteristics That Make Hiring You Irresistible:

To join us you bring the following non-negotiable characteristics to the party. You are:

  1. Proficient with the tools & methodologies we use: Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Development & Lean Startup, Blue Ocean Strategy, Balanced Scorecard, and the Culture Map are household names to you.

  2. Passionate and practical about educating business people and getting them to change: You have a proven track record educating business people. In your career you've created content that got people not just to learn, but to change their behavior and get stuff done.

  3. An outstanding conceptual thinker, visual communicator, and great storyteller: This job requires outstanding conceptual thinking skills, writing crystal clear and ridiculously concise copy, and creating simple visuals that are at the center of all our explanations. Your language is uncomplicated, free of buzzwords, reliable and needs no further editing. Native English speakers/writers have a strong advantage. You have a love for simplicity, brevity, and visual communication more than words.

  4. Experienced in the field: Ideally you’ve been working in a company or as a consultant and have gained a ton of practical experience in strategy, innovation, and/or product management.

  5. An organizational powerhouse able to work autonomously and collaboratively: You are outstanding at planning and coordination. You are great at juggling multiple priorities and work well under pressure. You are proactive, not reactive and ask questions rather than letting topics go undiscussed. You have a history of getting things done.

  6. Eager to do your best work ever. You want to be among the best in your field worldwide, no less!

Work directly with Alex Osterwalder. In your role as content creator you work directly with Alex Osterwalder, Thinkers50 Strategy Award winner and #7 among the leading business thinkers of the world. FT considers this the “Oscars Of Management Thinking”.

Testing Business Ideas

How to increase the success of any venture.

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Testing Business Ideas
Testing Business Ideas

Testing Business Ideas

How to increase the success of any venture.

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