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Our Next Book: The Invincible Company

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with publishers Wiley for a third time to write the sequel to Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design--The Invincible Company (working title). Take a look at what our new book will offer, and sign-up to be notified as we get closer to publishing!

New Business Models

Learn about exploring new ideas, inventing new business models, the supporting framework to rigorously test them in a simple and practical way, and metrics to show how you are reducing risk & uncertainty pre-revenue.

Existing Business Models

Learn how to manage and improve the businesses you already have. Understand how much profit your existing business models generate, assess its sustainability or disruption risk, and point out any synergies or conflicts between your other business models.

A Portfolio of BMs

Learn how to systematically invent, improve and manage your business models all under the same roof to build a balanced portfolio which builds on our
Portfolio Map tool.

Broken down into three core sections, you will learn how to systematically invent, improve and manage your innovation efforts using new tools we’ve designed, such as:

  • The Business Portfolio Map: How robust is your portfolio to withstand disruption? Are you working on enough new potential growth engines?

  • Innovation Metrics: Reduce risk and uncertainty, and measure if your business model is at risk of disruption.

  • The Culture Map: Intentionally design an innovation culture that unearths and builds new growth engines, reduces the risk of experimentation, and increases ROI on R&D.

  • And a series of beautifully illustrated Business Model Mechanics.

The Invincible Company helps take the fear out of innovation and reduce the risk of wasting  time and money with products or services that nobody wants, and business models that don’t provide a returns or growth.

In addition, we’ve researched 26 new case studies from a wide variety of industries (including the likes of Fortnite, Michelin, Singer & Tesla Motors) to provide you with real life, tangible examples of the business model mechanics and how to use them.

We also outline the tools to help you assess your own business model, alongside frameworks for you to build the foundations of your own ambidextrous organisation.

Ultimately, this book provides all disruptors and senior leaders with the best available tools and methodologies to lead their organizations to design a day-one innovation culture, including how to manage innovation portfolios, and set-up the corresponding organizational structures.

So...are ready for the future, or do you fear disruption?

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When will it be available?

It will be part of a wider three book series (yes, there’s two more coming, but more on that next time) and we’re expecting to have physical copies ready to ship worldwide - in a wide variety of languages for November 2019.


Where can I buy it?

It will be available online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) as well as in traditional bookshops. Sign up to this email list, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know!


Can I get early access?

It's available to order now!


More info to come! Click here to find out more about the book.

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Access our Webinar Library

Re-live all of Alex Osterwalder's fascinating conversations.

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